Friday, April 20, 2007

This is the Islamic Republic of Iran

While Islamic Republic apologists and their pseudo-Leftist lobbyists are working overtime to portray an acceptable face of the Islamic Republic to the world, here is a snippet of what really goes on in the Islamic Republic. These are all recent events in the last few days.

Baseej Murderers Exonerated:

Six members of the volunteer vigilante militia group, the Baseej, who had murdered several people in Kerman, in gruesome manners, have been exonerated by the Islamic courts.
The six decided to carry out the murders after they watched a tape by a senior cleric, who ruled that the Muslim faithful could kill a morally corrupt person, without having to wait for the due process of the law.
Their last victims were a young married couple who the killers claimed were walking together in public!

Women Activists Receive Heavy Sentences

Meanwhile some of the women activists who took part in a peaceful demonstration last year,
have received heavy sentences. Amongst them, Fariba Davoodi-Mohajer who received a 4 year sentence and Soosan Tahmasbi, who received a total of two years. Their charge, was threatening the security of the state!

Students Kidnapped in Mazandaran

Fifteen students in Mazandaran university were kidnapped in broad daylight, from Mazandaran university by plain clothes agents and with the assistance of university security control, known as Herasat. The students were protesting about the canteen food by lining up their plates outside the dean's office.

Teachers Arrested in Front of their Pupils

Shahriar Moshiri, Member of the Islamic Assembly's Commission on Education and Research, expressed regret about teachers being arrested and handcuffed in front of their pupils in the classroom. "This was not an appropriate act, they should have waited after school before they arrested the teachers," Moshiri continued.

Teachers have asked for Islamic Assembly's own legislation on public sector workers to be applied to them. After their peaceful protests, they have been charged with threatening the state security.

Writer jailed for books already published.

Writers going to jail is not unusual in the Islamic Republic, however Yaghoub Yadali, has been jailed for his writings, although his books were already published with the permission of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance.

How anyone who tries to present an acceptable face of this evil regime, can look at themselves in the mirror, is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Good post!

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Excellent post.

Bardia said...

Perfect summary of whole action of evil regime. In the other hand, you can add killing of hope in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Great post!
Speak louder sir, let the truth burn down hypocracy.

Bahramerad said...

Turn your face around.
I have. I am disgusted and hurt. ( MAN GHAR KARDAM & BURNED MY BRIDGES AND MY STUDENT CARD )'
As they say the blackness of coal will not last for ever. Give them enough rope and they will hang them self with it !

Winston said...

Islamic regime of Iran is the source of our miseries