Monday, April 02, 2007

Fantastic Article on the Movie 300

I could not fault this brilliant article by Cyrus Kar. It is factual, well written and makes intelligent modern day comparisons:

Cyrus Kar was arrested by American soldiers in Iraq on suspicions of being linked to insurgents in Iraq! I can only imagine those who arrested him, had the same level of education and IQ as the immigration officers whom I have met when I have been to America.


Winston said...

that's a good article!

Plateau said...

It is a great article and thanks for posting. I've got a recent post & article too, which, in parts, reinforces what Kar says.

Anonymous said...

Persians were "Jahel" before Islam. Why do you not admit this?

Anonymous said...

Persians were "Jahel" before Islam. Why do you not admit this?

Anonymous said...

Please watch Engineering an Empire on you tube. Five clips. (part I)

Also I suggest that Islamo/arab entity,Tariq Khan, educate himself about the Persians. Tariq Khan, you're only contributing to validate the streotypes of Arabs as ignorant lizard eaters by making such dim-witted comments. Invest in some books and step out your bedouin mindset and broaden your limited desert perspective or read my post here:

For those who are interested read Tom Holland's "Persian Fire":

Off topic:

I thought you might want to know. There is going to be a demonstration for the British hostages in front of Iranian Embassy in London.

the Free the Navy 15 protest

at 6.45pm, Wednesday 4th April (tomorrow)

Location: opposite the Iranian Embassy, 16, Prince's Gate, South Kensington, SW7 1PT

Spread the word and if you can please try to participate.

Winston said...

tariq khan, people of Iran became JAHEL when your Islam invaded them. why don't you admit to it?

Azarmehr said...

Also a good article in Persian:

Anonymous said...

"ignorant lizard eaters"