Thursday, June 21, 2007

Did He Shake Hands or Did He Not?

Just after I posted the Unholy Men of Cloth and wrote about the warped priorities of those who like to publicly pretend their religious convictions, a row has broken out between the religious fanatics in Iran on whether Khatami shook hands with the Italian women he met or not? Khatami has denied it saying the film footage circulated is fake and edited and he does not approve of such things.

What pathetic little creatures the pious pretenders are, what pathetic things their single cell minds get occupied with, wherever they appear. So pathetic...


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile... A lawsuit has been filed against the "political prostitute" Khatami for his sinful touching of a woman by theology students in Mashhad, Iran.

An Iranian religious tribunal will try former president Mohammad Khatami, a moderate Muslim cleric, and possibly ban him from preaching over a handhsake with two women during a recent trip to Italy. The court, which is charged to rule on crimes committed by clerics, will examine the lawsuit presented by a group of talabeh, theology students, from Mashhad, Iran's holiest city. Another lawsuit has also been filed by paramilitary militia Hezbollah, present in all major Iranian cities.

In a statement distributed to the press Wednesday, the clerics ask for Khatami's conviction for shaking "impure hands, contradicting the sacred principles of Islam" and compare the former president, who ruled from 1997 until 2005, to a "political prostitute."

Bahramerad said...

We all know how close releationships of Monica Lowensky and Khatani were with Bill Clinton of the Cigar Size willi.
Now I wonder, Did Khatami shake hands with billy or with Bill ?

Anonymous said...

i suggest you read Christopher Hitchens' latest book called God is not great

Bardia said...

A couple of years ago I had a meeting with a canadian tourist in Iran. When I asked him believing in religion or not, he replied:" Two groups believe it, the kids and grandmothers. Kids want to know which the religion is because of finding answers for new experiences and it's a new game for them, but grandmothers try to keep themselves in safe because they couldn't find any lucky life."
But in our Iranian opinion is the other group who believe in religion. They are the Islamic governments who want to make people without any indepent thoughts. This group is classified in the category that Plato said in obvious words.
However Khatami is inside of this group who wants more profits in system.

Anonymous said...

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