Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unholy Men of Cloth

Ever since I was a young teenager, experience led me to abhor organised religion, any religion that is. Although I respect people's personal beliefs, organised religion and the men who ran these organisations, to me have always been the ultimate displays of hypocrisy and evil.

I despise their made up hierarchies, their corruption, and the way they feed all that nonsense crap into people's heads.

Most of all, its their priorities that disgusts me. The way they react and issue fatwas, when someone writes something or draws a cartoon, or poses a question, and yet when real atrocities take place, these unholy men of cloth do not batter an eyelid. Instead they claim such absurdities as if you make a holy trip to some place or make a confession or dip in some smelly river or perform some other hollow bullshit ceremony your sins will be forgiven.

The appalling images from the Iraqi orphanage are just another testimony to my belief in this regard. An evil man who runs the orphanage has stocks of food at his disposal, yet he is prepared to let these children degrade to such inhumane conditions so he can profit from the sale of the food on the black market. How much more evil can you get? I can just imagine him making a trip to Mecca with some of the proceeds of his evil greed to wash his sins away. Yet there are no fatwas against him, there are no idiot fanatics or their "progressive" allies in the West marching in the streets with angry faces burning his effigies and demanding his blood.

Perhaps the worst of these unholy men of cloth can be found in the poorer countries. In my view they are the problem, they are the ones who are holding the people back. Until they are routed from the face of this earth, there shall be no real progress or peace in the under developed countries.

If there is a God, may he burn these unholy men of cloth in hell forever.


Anonymous said...

Those images are really shocking.

Evil acts of humans to each other are really unbelievable, perhaps religion is the only way to make sense of such inhuman acts for many people!

Bahramerad said...

Sorry to disappoint everyone but God is Dead. He told me this himself. very religion is a BIG CON.
Please see:

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow a man and a woman will be stoned to death in Iran:

Anonymous said...

I am not a religious person, nor do I care for organized religion. Organized churches all seem to be corrupt.
However, I do realize that people like this man who ran the orphange and those who worked there, only call themselves religious or practioners/ believers in their religion. The great religions of the world do not condone child neglect and abuse. Anyone who commits acts of abuse or intentionally inflicts pain and sufferring on others for their own selfish betterment, are using their religion as a shield and crutch to cover up their misdeeds. If there is a God, he/she/it isn't being fooled, and the idea that these kinds of people think that they can fool their God, is proof that they haven't a clue what their religion is about.
You must separate out the people who THINK or CLAIM to be religious, from those who are. The ruling mullahs of Iran are among those who THINK/CLAIM to be, as are most people.

Azarmehr said...

My point was the hypocrisy in their priorities. They rage and tear their hair out
if someone writes something or draws a cartoon or makes a film they dont like but when real atrocities occur, they do not batter an eylid.
And performing very simple tasks like going to Mecca, dipping in teh river Ganji or saying hail mary etc. which they claim can wash the sins away, thats the nonsense I am on about.

Anonymous said...

Religion (including atheism) is something: It’s a cultural artifact itself, common to human culture. And in every society with religion, it serves but a single practice: To use dogma to justify the specific arbitrary practices of that culture as can have a system of ethics - you do not need a belief in a divine being for that - divine beings tend to exist to sort out our own ego/mortality issues, and to scare others into thinking something powerful is backing up our own ideas how the planet should be run . If you fancy yourself as ~God’s pet a la Ahmadinejad and Khamenie– and you can get away with murder and rape because it was *ordained* for you - well this is a big problem in terms of ethics! so it is precisely for ethical reasons, some people criticize the belief in God.

Anonymous said...

Those who run these organised religions earn their income from it. Therefore a threat against the source of their income is worse than someone committing a genocide. That explains why they have their priorities so screwed up and that explains why they feed the masses with crap. They need stupid backward people to fill up their purse with.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if Iraqis love their own country as much as Americans do love Iraq. If they don't care about their very own people, why should America care about them?

Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings about the hypocrisy. It drives me crazy too. The hypocrites are among those who only THINK that they are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist,etc. The religions don't teach that the "simple tasks" you refer to are there to obsolve anyone of all wrongdoing. They are there for the truly penitent. Unfortunately, acts of contrition have lost their true meaning and function to pardon anyone, no matter how insincere they might be. But again, a person who believes that there is a God, is fooling no one but themselves.

Sherry said...

bahramerad--let me just say something about religion. I was never fond of it UNTIL I saw Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach) just before my near fatal heart attack almost 4 yrs ago. I should have been dead according to the cardiologist. Yeshua saved me from death!

So no, God is NOT dead!

Yeshua commanded that we help each other and help the poor. We are to take care of them like we do our ownselves.

Azarmehr, I understand exactly what you are talking about. Reminds me of the TV evangelists. They claim to be religious when they are only out for themselves and money. The Almighty God knows each and every heart in a person. To abuse or neglect children is one of the worst things possible.

Anonymous said...

azarmehr is spot on! Look how strong the Pakistanis have reacted to Rushdie getting a knighthood, yet do they react in the same way when an atrocity takes place in front of their own eyes?

Its all this act of pretence by the religious people who go out of their way to show their piousness. Its disgraceful.

Bahramerad said...

Dear Cherry--I too have had a couple of near-death experiences (I am not boasting).
God is dead as an outside-body source for me.Something that cannot be comprehended is defiantly dead as a concept for me.
Under other hand, I have come to believe that the electrical charges that make me function as a human being is the result of a some kind of an engine/seed, deep within my body, that creates the energy that makes me function. There is no other force that make me GO. I am God personified by that little engine deep within me. I am God, or at least part of that creation/God. This knowledge is enough for me to know what I am, who I am, and what I need to do.
But to get back to the subject, I'll say it again-All religions are a con — they are nothing more than stories told and retold to fool the gullible and the criminal people who benefit from it.
The root cause of the mismanagement of that children's home and the neglecting of those poor kids and may I say the poor hapless care workers by the society and the government, who's duty is to take care of them is the economic consequence of the war situation prevailing at the moment. Unfortunately horrible things happen at these hard times but they have little to do with religion and/or personal beliefs per say.

Winston said...

I have never had any problem with people who stick with their convictions and don't change color as time goes by. I just hate hypocrites so much!