Saturday, August 25, 2007

4 weeks of hard labour

I have finally returned to UK after spending four weeks of, I am not kidding, hard labour in America. I can not recall having worked this hard and been so anxious in my entire working career. For the first time in the last 28 years, there were days that I did not read and follow up Iran related news, neither on TV, radio, newspapers or the internet. I was just so consumed with my work, but that was the good part, for I love my work.

The worst things I will remember however about the four weeks in Washington, will be the repressive unbearable heat and humidity and once again the encounter with the stupidest officials I have ever come across in my life, the US Homeland Security at Dulles airport. These so called Homeland Security people represent the embodiment of the worst combination. Stupid, ignorant and illiterate people who have been given a lot of power. That is a bad combination. Too much power is never good, too much stupidity is detrimental, the combination of the two is just a disaster.


Anonymous said...

پتکين عزيز، خسته نباشی. از نبودت کمی نگران شده بودم و جای نوشته هايت در روزهای گذشته خالی بود. وبلاگت در مبارزه با جمهوری پليد اسلامی همچون گذشته پر بار باشد.ـ

Azarmehr said...

درود بر پاشاي گرامي, تا مهر شما و ديگر دوستان هست غمي نيست. سپاس از ياريهاي فراوان شما

Winston said...

I was going to email you today and see what was going on. Thnk goodness u r okay. Keep us posted!