Saturday, August 04, 2007

US Embassy Ignorance

Majid Kavousifar, seen in these pictures before being hanged, left Iran for Abu Dhabi two days after the assassination of one of the corruptest and most repressive judges in the Islamic Republic. Judge Moghaddas who was assassinated by Kavousifar and his nephew, was responsible for handing out long sentences to many political activists. Moghaddas sometimes even boasted that he sentenced the accused without even reading their files!

Kavoussifar had introduced himself as the killer of Moghaddas to the American Embassy in Abu Dhabi, where he had applied for asylum. The embassy guards handed him over to the Interpol, which informed Islamic Republic's authorities of the incident.
I thought it was just the Homeland Security at the US airports who were the thickest officials in the world!

Here, Majid Kavousifar is seen smiling and saying his last goodbye. Why are so many victims smiling in these latest round of public executions? Perhaps if there is any after life, it will be better than living under the mullahs.

The film footage of the execution.


SERENDIP said...

Dear Potkin: I had no idea that the U.S. embassy's ignorance in returing him. Thank you for reporting this. It's sickening!

SERENDIP said...

To think the the U.S. gives visas to the likes of Ahamdinejad (hostage taker and assassin) and Khatami who is responsible for Zahara Kazemi's death and thousands of others during his eight years of reign of terror to enter the United states and be given security protection, spending the tax payers money on the murderers. This is a travesty and utter display of moral bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

This is how the Daily Mail, the newspaper that is the most supportive of Gordon Brown reported this story.

Smirking murderer is led to the gallows as children join crowds at public executions in Iran

Send your complaints about the Daily Mail's outrageously biased coverage of this brutal act by the Islamic Republic from here

Anonymous said...

I have tried to bring attention to your posts by posting links to you at Harry's Place.

Read the comments thread to this post.

Keep up the great work!

Bahramerad said...

To say that the Americans only decive and play around with Iranians is nothing new. Only the extent and the new ways that they lie and cheat the good people of Iran is new.

Anonymous said...

Shameful and sad!

cleopatra said...

how does one sign up please to receive your websire?

Anonymous said...

It is no secret that the US administration has been confused and deluded about the mullahs and so it is not unexpected that this confusion has filtered down all the way to the US embassy staff in Abu Dhabi.

The reason for all this confusion however is none other than bodies like the NIAC and pro-mullah Iran experts like Takkyeh and Nasr who have constantly tried to make the US administration believe that the mullahs are about to join the mainstream.

Well done for reminding everyone how Kavoussifar was handed over to his executioners by the US embassy.

yagma said...

Frankly, I am NOT surprised. With the current APPEASEMENT policy directed by Rice and the state department towards the Republic of Terror in Tehran, anything is possible.
Right now, US is doing everything it shouldn't, and none of what it should towards the Iranian regime. Just beacause Condi Rice and Nicholas Burns want to strike a "Grand Bargain" with the regime in Iran before their term is up in 2008.

Where is the resolve of the President and the vice-President in dealing with Iran head-on??

Anonymous said...

contrary to popular belief, the US has always compromised with the Islamic Republic. After all the mullahs in Iran are the result of Carter's green belt of Islam against Communism.

Anonymous said...

I read this in the office and when i looked at the pics burst into tears. I am so furious about that paper also. It was also in the Scotsman. I want to share this. Can you tell me more about the judge, excuse my ignorance but it would be great to get more background and proof so i can bust the Daily Mail. I got some limited stuff from googling him.

Anonymous said...

What Shameful "UNJUST LAWS" and "DOUBLE STANDARDS" Allowed Ahmadinejad to travel outside Iran?

INTERPOL HAS THE BIG FILE on Ahmadinejad for Crimes Against Humanity and International Terrorism:
a- Ahmadinejad plotted many dissident's murder and was directly involved in the 1989 assassination of Iranian exile Kurdish opposition leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou and two other Kurdish politicians in Vienna, Austria. A murderer and Terrorist is not a representative of freedom-loving Iranian Nation. b- According to Ahmadinejad himself, he has executed over 1000 freedom-loving Iranian people in the prison and he was known as “Tir Khalas Zan”, literally meaning “he who fires coup de grace”. Female political prisoners raped by Ahmadinejad…. c- Ahmadinejad is responsible for “Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison” in Iran that would recruit individuals willing to carry out suicide operations against Western targets. Do not allow this Terrorist to put his foot on US soil and enter UN. d- Ahmadinejad played a central role in the seizure of the United States embassy in Tehran in November 1979 and he was key American hostage-taker for the 444-day.
By What UNJUST LAWS US State Dept. and UN allowed this Brutal Man, Thug, Terror and Torture Master, International Criminal to put his feet on US soil and attended the UN General Assembly in New York twice?
How come they did it with MAJID KAVOUSSIFAR in UAE. Why the INTERPOL has not arrested Ahmadinejad outside Iran yet? Where is the justice and fairness?

saggezard said...

Kavousifar is a hero to many Iranians. Shame on the US embassy, there should be an investigation into this, I would like to know why and how people like Luis Posada Carilles are welcomed and protected by the USA and Iranian dissidents are handed over to the executioners all the time. A similar shameful handover was also made by the government of Netherlands and their Prime Minister made an apology for the mistake. There must be an investigation made and a demand for an appology.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this myth about him having been handed over by someone associated with the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is nonsense. There is no truth to it at all. The US Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the US Consulate in Dubai were not approached by anyone who identified themselves as you say, nor did or would the Embassy guard force hand anyone over to the UAE Police. This is a ridiculous bit of disinformation that has no truth to it. Can anyone point to any evidence that this is true? No. Did the condemned man ever claim that the US had anything to do with his capture? No. It is wrong to spread this lie further.

Anonymous said...

No matter how honorable Majid Kavousifar's motives were or how highly we might admire him for taking the law in his own hands; Alas he remains a vigilante.
Given the current situation in the world, no law-abiding government would give refuge or provide protection and shelter to a vigilante.
Simin H.

ghosthorse02 said...

If true about US embassy, handing soneone over knowing they will be executed is wrong. One person's vigilante may be other people's salvation.