Monday, September 24, 2007

First BBC Report of Ahmdinejad's NY Visit

I just watched the BBC lunch time news and its reporting of Ahmadinejad's visit to New York. A few protesters were shown as a bunch of Zionist lunatics outside Columbia university with their amateurish make shift placards. Some of the protesters looked like they were interviewed but the sound of their interviews and their slogans was muted during the BBC news programme.

On the other hand, part of Ahmadinejad's interview with some US based channel (may be CBS?) was shown, where Ahmadinejad was masterfully playing the innocent, saying "what use is nuclear weapons? Soviet Union had them but despite their nuclear weapons they were overthrown." while the interviewer approvingly nodded his head.

Meanwhile Columbia university claimed today that their invitation of Ahmadinejad will consist of questions and answers session by those who oppose Ahmadinejad too.
As a "gift" to Columbia university, Ahmadinejad announced Kian Tajbakhsh, who apparently is a Columbia graduate, will be released from prison in Iran. Columbia university must be delighted by such a generous gift!

Thus, so far, it seems that president Ahmadinejad is winning the propaganda game, just as I predicted and feared. After this visit and with the way the Western media will report his visit, and the platforms that the likes of Columbia university will give Ahmadinejad, there will be more recruits for militant Islam, and there will be more Western "useful idiots" who will be charmed and schmoozed by the lovely words, the "humility" and the simplicity of this president.
Whether anyone will realise the ability of Ahmadinejad to look you in the face and lie through his teeth will remain to be seen, but I am sure if they could see this clip of Ahmadinejad on Youtube and understand it, they would be more savvy to such charm offensives by the mullahs and their representatives.

In the Youtube clip Ahmadinejad is shown on State TV before he became the president and the realities after his presidency. Before Ahmadinejad became the president, he claims on State TV, how detrimental and pointless it is for the State to interfere in people's choice of dress and hair style etc.
"..Our youngsters want to cut their hair the way they want to, what is to you and I?(smiles)..Its not up to the state to bother with such trivial matters..Iran is a country with mixed ethnic groups, traditions, types and styles.. it is beneath the state to interfere in such personal tastes and humiliate the people. The state should serve all Iranians...Is the problem of our country that so and so girl dressed in this way?.."

Next we see few victims amongst thousands of Ahmadinejad's Morality Campaign, who are arrested or cautioned because a few strands of their hair is showing, after this man becomes the president of the Islamic Republic.

Western mass media, Western Academics, Western "Useful Idiots", if you want to believe president Ahmadinejad and be charmed by his deceptions, its up to you; but just think of the seeds of lies and misinformation which you are scattering.

Militant Islam will make life like hell for you just as it did for the Iranian journalists, academics, intellectuals and just about every other Iranian.


Anonymous said...

هرگاه يک نمايندة عاليرتبة سياسی جمهوری اسلامی مانند رييس جمهور کنونی و يا پيشين از اروپا و يا آمريکا ديدن مي کند بي اختيار به تظاهرات گستردة کنفدراسيون دانشجويان ايران و گروه های چپی اروپايي و آمريکايی مي انديشم که به مناسبت سفرهای محمدرضا شاه به کشورهای غربی برپا می شد. در آخرين تظاهرات ضد شاه در آمريکا کار حتا به گاز اشک آور نيز کشيده شد. کنفدراسيون دانشجويان ايران و گروه های چپی اروپايی و آمريکايي حامی آن از کوچکترين تلاش دريغ نورزيدند تا سفرهای شاه را مختل و چهرة وی را مخدوش کنند. دشمنی های آنروز با شاه را که با به اصطلاح تظاهرات ضد جمهوری اسلامی در خارج مقايسه مي کنم، اين پرسش برايم مطرح می شود که چه وجه مشترکی بين روشنفکران چپی و جمهوری اسلامی وجود دارد؟ چگونه است که روشنفکران و دانشجويان اروپايی و آمريکايی يا ساکت و بي تفاوت و يا همراه و همپای جمهوری اسلامی قدم بر می دارند؟ چگونه است که بر ضد محمدرضا شاه که آنهمه در جهت آرامش و صلح بين المللی و در راه پيشرفت و ترقی ايران کوشش می کرد آن اعتراضات و تظاهرات سازمان داده شد و اينک دانشجويان دانشگاه کلمبيا دست به زانو در برابر ديکتاتور هم مضحک و هم کريه ايران می نشينند و برای حرفهای مفتش دست هم مي زنند؟ـ

Winston said...

Terrible...This is the day we should mourn!

Thomas Gordon said...


I haven't a clue on the top commentator comments (prahaps it's the IRGC calling card) but we would be interested on your point of view on BBC Biased and the reporting on Iran:

Keep up the good work!

Azarmehr said...

The 10 O'Clock news version to be fair was more balanced but the lunch time report was a disgraceful example of unbalanced reporting.