Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Islamic Police Chief of Tehran Caught in Brothel

Iranian poet, Hafez, has a verse which can often describe those who overdisplay their piety on their sleeves. The verse loosely translated, as best as I can:

"The pious who display these gestures in the public
Once in their own privacy, do what they preach others not to"

Islamic Police Chief Commander Reza Zareii, responsible for last year's campaign against "thugs and hoodlums" and Hejab observance, was arrested after having been caught in middle of group sex with six prostitutes.

The women who were arrested alongside Police Chief Zareii said he had asked them to perform prayers while naked!

Police Chief Zareii was often referred to as the 'capable arm of the supreme leader'


Aryamehr said...

Well at least this filth knew the true context in which his equally filthy ideology is to be used - in that respect he did nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

"referred to as the 'capable arm of the supreme leader'"

Ha Ha Ha!

Sohrab said...

Iran's very own Governor Spitzer.

Anonymous said...


Who would have ever though that power, politics, and prostitution would have something to do with each other? :)

It's nice to see some of these officials get caught in the middle of hypocritical acts. But did anyone really think they didn't do these kinds of things?

I mean, solicited sex is a staple of power politics. Just take a look at what recently happened to Governor Spitzer of New York. He was caught doing exactly what he was so passionate in prosecuting as a New York prosecutor.


p.s. On a lighter note, reciting the Quran while naked, really? Ha! That's hilarious.

Be-esmallah-e rahman-e rahim, who's the next girl that would like to taste my cream!? I know that was dirty, but I couldn't resist :)

Azarmehr said...

Did Governor Spitzer, stop, arrest and harass thousands of women for showing a few strands of their hair, under the name of fighting moral corruption too?

Winston said...

Eliot Spitzer of Iran? Was he Client Number 9?

These Islamic murderers are real hypocrites

saggezard said...

I think the prayer was meant to allow time for the Viagra to kick in.

Thinking about the quote that he was "referred to as the 'capable arm of the supreme leader'" Sardar Zareii has to be the right arm of the supreme leader Emam Khamenei.

Sohrab said...


Spitzer did not harass thousands of innocent women -- but he was definitely a hypocrite as well. He went after prostitution in a big way in the early 2000s.

Ironically, Sptizer also put in place the very bank transaction monitoring systems and transactions that ultimately led to his own downfall!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes he did. In fact, Governor Spitzer once had a women gagged and whipped for wearing ostentatious nail polish. Look it up :)

Azarmehr said...

so some similarities but not quite the same!

Azarmehr said...

That last post was before I read Barmakid's one. So very similar then!

Anonymous said...

OK guys - agreed that this incident both amusing and utterly revealing of the true moral state of the Islamic Republic - but bear a thought for the 6 women who ave been tured into prositutes by this corrupt Islamic Regime and will no doubt be whipped and hung for being forced to carry out the depraved orders of this IRGC Head.

Anonymous said...

Those ladies should be ashamed of themselves for tempting the illustrious chief of police.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to reading poetry of Iraj Mirza.