Thursday, March 13, 2008

KDPI Spokesman in US?

I was trying to write about something completely different, but googling for some references led me to this piece of trash post on Pajamas Media, which I had not come across before. Sometimes one is critical of other institutions and managements but it is important to go on the record and not let other unsavoury characters hijack one's arguments and opinions.

So here it is for the sake of going on the record and making it clear where I stand. I may disagree with lots of things in VOA Persian management and programs, but Sheila Ganji is 100% right when she says the lingua franca of Iran is Persian. As I have often said there is no Persian ethnic group, but Persian is the common language of the Iranian people, period.

Every paragraph in this twaddle post on Pajamas Media, contains several factual errors on par with a school boy's homework essay.

Shahriar Ahy, for example, is not an ultra-nationalist monarchist who despises the ethnic minorities!!! Ahy in fact has helped many Kurdish human rights activists and was instrumental in bringing together representatives of Iran's ethnic minorities in several conferences. Gatherings that I felt were a waste of time for entirely different reasons and thats another matter outside the scope of this post.

There are so many factual errors in the Pajamas Media post, I don't even know where to begin. For example, Ahy did not accompany Reza Pahlavi to the “Democracy and Security International Conference” that was held in Prague and in fact one of my criticism of VOA Persian has been not having provided due coverage for the event.

And just have a look at the last paragraph, just to make the school boy essay bulkier and contain a few more words, Ahi's name is mentioned once as Shahriar Ahy and again as Shahrir Ahi!

Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir mistyped as Sassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir, is included in a list of supposedly ultra nationalist Persian fascist monarchists. In fact Zarehzadeh Ardeshir is an Azeri himself. You could accuse him of many things but not of being an ultra nationalist monarchist!

Interestingly one of the previous VOA Persian program guests has been the Czech born widow of Abdolrahman Ghassemloo, the previous leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran, who was murdered by the Islamic Republic assassins in Vienna. Mrs. Ghassemloo spoke the lingua franca of the Iranian people beautifully and it was a very enjoyable program.

Finally let me tell you that since reading the article, I have talked to the KDPI office in Paris. Not only they were shocked at such accusations against the likes of Shahryar Ahi, they did not even know who Ali Ghaderi, who claims to be the KDPI spokesman in US, is!


Anonymous said...

Very unexpected and unprofessional from Pajamas Media.

Anonymous said...

The KDPI's US website has published this article:
They seem to acknowledge that he is a spokesman.

Azarmehr said...

If you browse the official website

You will see a different link to the US site.

What the party officials in Paris have told me is that the article does not have the approval of the party and they suspect the entire thing to have been written by Karim Abdian from the Al-Ahwaz group.

They also told me they have the utmost respect for Shariar Ahi.

Winston said...

Pajamas Media used to be a good source of news that weren't covered by the stupid mass-media but since a few months ago, it has taken a turn for the worse by allowing such morons to write on their website or by employing regime apologists like Meir Javedanfar. I only visit Dr. Ledeen's web site on PJM and that's all. I don't really find their website useful any more. It's lost its purpose.

Anonymous said...

keep on wasting your time