Friday, March 14, 2008

Life in the Islamic Republic Again

When I published the post, Life in the Islamic Republic, someone put an apt comment that I should also put the clip of Ahmadi-Nejad's lies in his interview on state TV, before he became a president.

So here is the clip again with Ahmadi-nejad's lies as the voice in the background. I hope all the "useful idiots" duped by Ahmedi-Nejad's spins will learn from watching this, how easily and blatantly the Islamic Republic officials lie.

Here is a translation of what Ahmadi-Nejad is saying:

"Really is the problem of our government, the hair style of our children? Our children like to have any hair style they want, what has it got to do with me and you? You and I should deal with the fundamental problems of our country. Meaning the government should improve the economic conditions, stabilise the situation in the country, provide psychological security, support the people. Our people have different tastes, with different traditions, different styles, different ethnicities. The government must serve everyone. Why do we humiliate the people? We humiliate the people as if our most pressing problem in the country was what hair style the youth liked and the government does not allow it. No! is this fit for the government? Is this worthy of the people? This is an insult to our people. Why do we disregard the people? Is our most pressing problem that our girls wear such and such clothes? Is this our country's present problem or our people's problems? People have different tastes."

So on that basis best of luck to all those who trust the Islamic Republic in negotiations, because they need it!


Anonymous said...

An example of Shia Taghieh at its best!

Winston said...

You gotta check the mullahs' agent Hoder who is saying this video is made by the Neo-Cons to defame Iran. LOOOOL

Azarmehr said...

I suppose scum Hoder will convince the useful idiots that all those pictures of the morality police harassing the women for their hair styles and clothes are also fake pictures by neocons.

What can one expect when a wealthy Bazaar merchant's son becomes a fake Leftie?

Anonymous said...

As if Ahmadinejad ordered these two schmucks to do what they're doing. He actually makes a good point, whether or not he believes it himself.

Anyways, I invite you to read the first post on my blog!


Azarmehr said...

Good God! I can just imagine Barmakid in the Soviet years watching a movie of prisoners in a Siberian camp being mistreated and then say Its not as if Brezhnev ordered these schmucks to do this!
Ahmadi-Nejad lies through his teeth, he then sets a policy of harassing people on their dress code and you still manage to defend him!

I feel sorry for you and your poor judgements. Then again I should expect it when you speak so highly of the Tudeh party. They too were experts in lying to the people.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I never spoke highly of the Tudeh party. I spoke of them like a person who neither likes them or dislikes them. I have only read about them in books (and please, save the whole "books written by Trita Parsi" nonsense). Unlike you, I have the ability analyze things without being so emotional about it.

And I'm not defending Ahmadinejad, I'm just stating the truth. Do you really think he has the power to stop this, or even order it? You probably do, because you believe a lot of other nonsense.

Those to guards were abusing there power, plain and simple. Not because they got orders from higher ups!

Jeez. Can you ever be a little rational? Stop reading all those books by Fara and the crew and all that other monarchy apologist bullshit :)


Anonymous said...

btw, I can't wait to tear you apart at our video conference. It's gonna be great. But please, lets keep it cordial. No foul language and no yelling.

Azarmehr said...

Actually I have never read a single book by Farah :)

Your previous statements on the Tudeh Party, first calling a Yes Party of teh Shah :)))
"one dissident in Iran at the time called the two political parties, i.e. the Tudeh and the Shah's party"

"They supported labor rights and land reform for workers and peasants, they sought political rights for women, and supported wage increases. They were one of the better parties in Iran and the monarch proceeded to kill and imprison them all."

and funny how if someone was tortured under the Shah, it wa sby direct orders of Mohammad Reza Shah but not so in the Islamic Republic.

Even if you are right, which you are not, that this was against Ahmadi-nejad's orders, then now that the video is out the authorities should arrest those police and try them. Just like when Abu-Ghoreyb videos and pictures came out. That is what happens in a democratic country.

Don't have too much hope though because even the police officer who shot ezzat Ibrahin-nejad in the eye and killed him during the student uprising of 1999 was let off the hook.

Azarmehr said...

Re video conference, foul language and yelling? Come on you know me better than that! I will just pin you against the ropes and punch the day lights out of you until we get some sense in that head of yours :))

Anonymous said...

The Islamic Republic was founded on lies and deception. Those who can't see it are either mentally challenged or dangerously naive...

Potkin jan: This is a must read. It's awfully long but thorough. Read the Comments too. They are very informative:


Anonymous said...

Azarmehr, although I am an opponent of Ahmadinejad, this video proves nothing except that it demonstrates your misunderstanding of what is going on in Iran. You think just because couple of policemen abuse someone, then Ahmadinejad is at fault? If you apply this sort of logic in the UK and US, then all governments and administrations are lying and corrupt.

Azarmehr said...


Yes, yes you are against Ahmadi-Nejad. "although I am an opponent of Ahmadinejad..." this is of course the current fashionable statement by Islamic Republic promoters.

Of course police abuse also happens in UK and US, Finland and Sweden, Belgium and whatever democratic country you can name. However when such abuses come to surface, then the abusers are put on trial. Thats the difference. IN IRI however even the Kerman Baseejis who went on a killing spree of those who they thought were immoral, go free.

This video is just the tip of the iceberg of abuses in IRI. You seem to have forgotten all those pictures of morality police harassing women on the street for their personal choices in clothing and hair styles.

This is how Ahmadi-Nejad presented himself in the interview on the state TV, he obvioulsy knows about all these abuses which are contrary to what he said. Yet he does not even raise an eyebrow, so he is at fault, despite pathetic attempts by the likes of you to exonerate him.

Bahramerad said...

There is stinking foul and petrifying culture of deep rooted fascism and intolerance permeating throughout the whole of the IRI regime and specially its Police and the security forces system.
This is directly blamed on the Islamic Bloody Fascist Ignorant Republic of Taleban / Islamic Brotherhood. Whether you want to see it or not!
I was always taught that The Police were my friends - They were the servants of community - They were FROM the community and worked FOR their community. To keep it safe and to stop law breakers.
The Police forces in Iran are now an instrument of torture and oppression — pure and simple.
Everything they stand for is against human rights of the poor Iranian population.
What is worst is that not only they do not stop any crime — they are actually perpetuators of all kinds of crime — from prostitution to drugs running — from selling counterfeit goods to money loundarying to. From Bank robbery to outright murder.
The whole bloody system is based upon this miserable assessment — so lets not any more apologist here defending them and then using these pages to have a dig at other Iranians who want Freedom, Independence and Democracy and believe that Prince Reza Pahlavi is a very good and effective spokesman for what they all believe in.

Anonymous said...

The state and its security forces should be defenders of the people's rights. In Iran, the state and its security forces are defenders of their own "rights."

Potkin jaan, well said. I can't believe how people don't see the difference between U.S.,U.K. etc. and Iran. Obviously, there are abuses of power in every country. It is not the abuse, however, that is indicative. It is the way the political establishment responds to it that matters. You would lose your reputation, your career, and your future for doing something like this in America. In Iran, you may be awarded.

Bahramerad said...

I quite agree and would add-
There is a low intensity war going on between the young generation of Iranians and the security forces protecting the IRI.
They have guns — we have the numbers...see: