Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baharloo's Latest Clanger on VOA Persian

As if it wasn't bad enough for the VOA Persian's mediocre presenter, Ahamd-Reza Baharloo, to present some one like Hossein Derakhshan (Hossein joon) as an opposition figure and a dissident to millions of baffled viewers in Iran, Baharloo and his incompetent program researcher, Faraj Ardalan, once again didn't do their research properly and confused millions of viewers in Iran by mis-representing one of the most abominable Iranians I have ever come across as some economics expert. One caller from Iran, even referred to Babak Emamain as a Dr! :))

In fact, Babak Emamian does not even have any A-Levels nor any formal education, let alone a PHD in economics, and despite having been in UK since he was 16 years old, still struggles to speak English properly. He is not even an entrepreneur, he is a life insurance salesman working for Zurich Life Insurance! It is so embarrassing to see this loathsome overweight lump of lard in a broken English, telling some distinguished Iranian 'I can ENTEEGRATE you into the British society'

Worse still, is this detestable character's insatiable and unapologetic desires to creep up to whoever is at the top.

I have written before about how at a press conference, this sycophant, claiming to represent the British-Iranian business community! proudly stated "I voted for Ahmadi-Nejad, because his message to the poor touched my heart".

It is such a shame that the US state department continues to pour so much of US Tax payer's hard earned money into this establishment run by total amateurs, who continue to confuse the Iranian population inside Iran. A Television station which has no clues on how to make programs. Talk shows and copy & paste of irrelevant news is the full extent of their program making initiatives. When will the State Department understand the damage they are causing?


Winston said...

I have long stopped watching VOA garbage.

من مدتهاست که برنامه های اشغالی صدای امریکا رو نگاه نمیکنم. حالم رو بهم میزنن

Majid Tafreshi said...

جناب آقای آذرمهر
من هم مانند شما از آقای بابک امامیان خوشم نمی آید. ولی سوالم این جا این است: کدام اندیشه لیبرال دمکراسی به شما و تلویزیون رسمی و دولتی صدای آمریکا این حق و امتیاز را داده که فقط با مخالفان جمهوری اسلامی مصاحبه کند و اگر کسی به احمدی نژاد یا هر کسی بهتر یا بدتر از او رای بدهد حق ندارد به هر عنوانی در آن رسانه شرکت کند؟ آیا به نظر شما صرفا با مخالفان جمهوری اسلامی سخن گفتن به همان شیوه ای که تلویزیون جمهوری اسلامی عمل می کند یک سویه نشان دادن و کلی نگری نادرست نسبت به شرایط ایران بر اساس دیدگاه های درست یا غلط عده ای خاص نیست؟

Azarmehr said...

جناب تفرشي

فكر ميكنم متل هميشه مطلب من را خوب متوجه نشديد٠ من كي گفتم موافقين جمهوري اسلامي را به تلويزيون نياورند؟ حرف من اين است كه در مورد مهمانانشان درست تحقيق كنند تا به مردم درست معرفي شوند٠
يك دانشجويي كه در كلاس امنيت بين
الملل ثبت نام كرده و رد شده
كارشناس ارشد بين الملل است؟ يا حسين درخشان اپوزيسيون جمهوري اسلامي هست؟ يا فلان كتابدار كتابخانه دانشگاه پژوهشگر و استاد دانشگاه است؟ اين بابك اماميان هم يك فروشنده بيمه هست نه يك اقتصاد دان. برنامه ميزگردي با شما كه نبايد آگهي بازرگاني براي يك شخص خودپرست و سود جو باشد. اصلا تلويزيوني با اين بودجه كه نبايد تمام گفتگو باشد. اين كه ميشود راديو!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful piece as always, especially your reply to Tafreshi was excellent. Well done

Winston said...

اقای تفرشی سلام... بله رادیو تلویزیون صدای امریکا باید ابزاری علیه جمهوری اسلامی باشه و نه تریبونی برای دلقکهای رژیم نحس اسلامی. مامورین اسلامی میتوانند نقطه نظرات خودشون رو در رادیو تلویزیونهای جمهوری اسلامی که ماشالا کم هم نیستند بیان کنند. صدای امریکا باید مکانی برای مخالفین ج.ا.ا باشد

Anonymous said...

It is so outrageous that someone like Amirabbas Fakhravar with so much appeal to young Iranians is banned from VOA, and yet people like this Emamian are invited to promote themselves.

Bahramerad said...

I quite agree with what Azarmeher is trying to say here.
Although I do not watch VOA or listen to Its Radio programs and generally support the idea that in these discussions one should keep personalities out and listen to the expressed points of views and how meaningful or meaningless they are, the way VOA willy nelly brings on and promote known shady characters / persons who have nothing constructive to say for themselves or to the debate about Iran and Iranian affairs really puts me off.
I wished that they would learn their lessons and stop it but alas they would not.
After all they have an agenda and that agenda is the state department's agenda, which is as long as Iran is selling oil to the world markets the US can do business with IRI and that their interest is to keep the states duo — everything else is a big charade to fool the masses.
Lets face it — not many people see or listen to what VOA says and even if they do — who cares what they think or what is said in these programs.
In fact nothing is said or done in its programs in a serious or logical manner — or for that matter, the way that the VOA's programmings are produced.
VOA is so ineffective it baggers belief why so much is invested in it and why we are talking about this bunch of idiot dinosaurs

Anonymous said...

I just watched it on the internet, very possibly the most nauseating program I have ever watched on VOA Persian, and that takes some beating!!

Anonymous said...

Azarmehr jan, although I am usually a fan of your comments I feel this certain 'blog' is a little less constructive. Although I have not seen the program, you fail to criticise anything said, though I suppose what he said has maybe made you that, frustrated. Regardless personal comments certainly make out as if you have a ‘chip on your shoulder’ and are very unsightly.

Azarmehr said...


What I say is not personal, there should be proper checks before someone is presented on VOA to the public as to who these guests are. To introduce someone like Hossein Derakhshan as a dissident blogger to public or some two to a penny insurance salesman who himself publicly boasted that he voted for Ahmadi-Nejad as some economics expert is wrong in my view.

Also see my reply to Majid Tafreshi, VOA Persian programs are all talk shows and copy/paste news, there is no program making, it would serve better as a radio.

Anonymous said...

And how should they introduce you on VOA programs Azarmehr? a violent thug who goes and breaks up meetings with his band of heavies and intimidates those he doesn't like?

Azarmehr said...

what planet are you from Anonymous?

Zarrius said...

Winston is a typical of ultra rightwing Iranians who believes in democracy as long as his point of view is not challenged.

It begs the question, has a person like Winston and most of Exiled Iranians learned anything about democracy and freedom of speech from their adopted countries or old dictatorial attitude still alive in them and has not been put to rest. After all they claim Mullahs are undemocratic and curtail freedom and democracy in Iran.

The answer is NO, these so called oppositions all the time talk about democracy and tolerating other people viewpoints, but it is just a smoke screen, deep down, they are mostly ex-Shah supporters who still believe in a dictatorial regime

Azarmehr said...


One of the things that Babak Emamian does is go to sales conferences and memorise bits and pieces and then use them in places where there is no context for them. For example he will turn up at a conference and talk about how others may see a glass half empty but he sees it as half full, when there is no relevance to the subject at all.

It seems that you too have just picked up some sentences and are repeating them like a parrot.

I feel your PASSION about freedom and tolerating other people's opinions when you take the trouble and leave a comment here, and I wonder if you showed the same enthusiasm when pregnant women and children were being executed in Iran.

What is it that you are saying? That VOA should allow air time to IRI supporters, fine, it already does that but when we say that they should be correctly introducedto people for whatthey are, how does that conflict with the principles of tolerance and freedom??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell this zarrius to please shut the **** up. I just don't like what he

Well done Azarmehr (and Winston)and everyone who's combating the tide of fundamentalism that's sweeping the world (assisted by Western limp-wristed liberals).

I'm longing for the day that I see all the despicable apologists for the clerical monstrosity in Iran (people like Hossin Joon)hanging from the lampposts alongside flee-ridden mullahs and their hairy women.

(We won't be too hard on the likes of dear old zarrius. They can watch!)

Zarrius said...

You call yourself a democrat and on the left , how come you wont let me to publish my response .

These politically immature and utterly nasty and vicious thugs like (Shaban Bimokhah) are bunch of ultra nationalist & fascist Iranians, Shahanshi supporters who know nothing about freedom & democracy they attack anyone who disagree with their points of view. These thugs (oobash) want another fascist dictatorship like Shah to replace Mullah Dictatorship.

Azarmehr said...


What are you on about? When did I say I was on the Left? whose Left? when was your comment not published?