Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Official Figures on Prostitution in the Islamic Republic

The Islamic revolution in Iran according to Ayatollah Khomeini was supposed to provide the people of Iran with free electricty, water, bus rides, housing and eliminate corruption and prostitution. What lies they all were and how the Iranians were tricked and continue to pay the price! Something I keep reminding the Muslim youth here in UK when I see them duped and fascinated by rhetoric of Muslim radical charlatans.

Here are some official figures about prostitution in the Islamic Republic, published in the daily Sarmayeh on Wednesday:

'Seyyed Kazim Rasoolzadeh Tabatabaii, head of the Tarbiat Modarres University Psychological Group and Head of the Vulnerable Women's Work Group stated, 'In the 80s and 90s, the average age for prostitution was above 30 but now this average is above 15 years old. '

'If previously the main reason for prostitution was to meet their basic needs, now it has changed to meet their secondary needs. Also previously prostitution was mainly amongst single women but research shows that most of the women involved in prostitution are now married women and this trend is increasing fast'

Rasoolzadeh also claimed figure show that 11% of the married women engage in prostitution with their husband's knowledge'

Elaheh Rostami, SOAS lecturer, and proletarian hero of the Socialist Worker's Party, on the other hand believes that the 'The Great people's revolution of 1979 was a huge benefit to the Iranian women who are much better off now than before the revolution.' In particular and in contrast to the above official statistics, Elaheh Rostami's favourite statistics is that more women are now vaccinated than before the revolution :)) Talk about the low standards of British universities which employ such 'useful idiots' as lecturers these days.


Winston said...

This is the legacy of a corrupt religious regime.

Winston said...

Check your email

Anonymous said...

Dear Olagh
This is no reflection on IRI. The world has changed. You have to see it in the context of what is happening in the world.

You also need to understand the concept of cause and effect to enable you to think logically. As I have mentioned before, one needs to make good use of one's faculty.

Azarmehr said...

olAghe nAzam,

For you nothing is a reflection on your beloved Islamic Republic.

Winston said...

This is the legacy of an Islamic regime. A corrupt Mafia like system that cares about power, money and arms more than its own citizen.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, but for you, everything is a reflection of the Islamic Republic - like the stray cats on the streets eating people's garbage because the IRI isn't giving them welfare benefits. Is this really how we want our cats to live? They're Iranians too!

Na Kakh! Na Maschet! Faghat peeshraft-e mardomet! (va gorbe-ha:))


Anonymous said...


At least if you are going to become the chief slogan designer, learn that it is Masjed and not Maschet!

Bahramerad said...

It is the stupid 'idiot' mullahs that label cats and dogs najess — thereby castigating them into a life of misery — just like they do to women — saying they are unclean and najess — when they have their period.
the fucking barbarians....

Anonymous said...

I will give another example of cause and effect so that you may understand it.
"IRI came to power in 1978. Number of Iranian graduates has doubled since 1978. This doesn't mean IRI was responsible for elevating education in Iran".

The same can be said about most of the rubbish that you write on this blog.

Number of prostitutes in London has trebbled since Labour came to power. Do you then conclude that Labour was responsible for spreading prostitution?

Eat some yonjeh and mingle with your own kind !!

Anonymous said...

Olagh joon
Here is yet another anology :

"You don't like IRI. I don't like you. This doesn't mean I love IRI" !!!


Use your brain for god's sake.

Azarmehr said...

Olaghe nAz nAzi va khoobam,

If indeed Labour Party policy was to eliminate prostitution and it trebled instead, you would have cause to cry failure. As it has been with Labour's pathetic slogans on crime and education and so forth.

Islamic Republic's goal was to eliminate social corruption, declining moral standards and bring about justice, prosperity and housing for everyone. It has failed on all accounts, the cause being the very policies it has pursued. For example as Iranian film director, Tahmineh Milani, pointed out, the policy of separation of sexes has not meant respect and security for women at all, on the contrary it has been to the very detriment of healthy relationship between sexes.

Or for example amongst numerous other examples, the constant harrassment of people in their personal lives has meant the brain drain and flight of hundreds of thousands of Iranians from Iran.

Korre Olaghe koochooloo, let me now explain cause and effect in your korre olagh level so you can understand. The cause of your olaghness is you were given too much subsidised yonjeh because of your closeness to the Islamic Republic. The effect is that you have grown into a complete khar!
But a coward timid pathetic khar who chooses to remain anonymous :))

Bahramerad said...

None of Iranian Universities is listed among the first 1000 - best universities in the world.
therefore the graduates of the IRI universities are keep at the same level as the mullahs - IDIOTS-

The best and most successful Iranians of today are those who went through school and universities and were sent abroad — with the help of the Pahlavies Governments - or by their parents — who had made enough money to be able to send their kids abroad for a decent education.
Today - even if you get to a foreign university and pay all the cost — you are still prevented from entering the most important and scientific research.

An Idiot will always stay an Idiot under this bloody fascist regime and become an Olagh - Khar - Yaboo - or Bar man Kid.

Winston said...

The Islamists and IRI agents here are pathetic. They do any thing to explain their pathetic and poor behaviour. How sad!

Anonymous said...

of course when all else fails the IRI can fall back to its trump card....the joooooos..the joos are to blame for all the islamic worlds problems after all.Didn't we see that movie before in the 30's. How did that turn out?

Mehrtash said...

Anonymous opts for a regime that keeps Iran in the dark. A regressive revolutionary indeed.

"one needs to make good use of one's faculty" - Obviously a clear illustration that 'Anonymous' is unable to make good use of their faculty as they cannot read 'Azarmehr' and 'Olagh' as two distinct entities.

"Number of prostitutes in London has trebbled since Labour came to power." - True. Under labour, there has been an influx of immigrants, including organised criminals who profit from vice. If one pays attention to the reported news they will become enlightened that the majority of brothels in London were closed, having belonged to immigrants (mostly East European - not that all East-Europeans are criminals). I sat in a High Couts appeal case where the appellant was a madam of a brothel in Wood Green; guess what, she was not a British National. The point is that you are correct, Prostitution has increased since labour came to power; which plays a twisted simile of the Iranian government and the increase in prostitution. Here's How:

The youth are strong, passionate and ever-expanding on their knowledge and academic power. They, thus threaten the building blocks of the IRI's power. In order to supress the youth from gaining more knowledge and, thus, strength to rebel against the government the rate of drug-abuse has increased. The drugs have found their way in with assistance by the govt. No one can lead nor win a velvet revolutino whilst high and addicted.

Some of these addicts force their partners into prostitution so that they may fund their habit, such as the case with Kobra Najjar, a victim of her husband, AND the IRI - instead of support, the IRI courts sentenced her to death by stoning. Your beloved IRI cannot serve justice, nor protect its victims.

The state government neglects the country's economy, instead they trade with other countries such as Pakistan and Cuba, when all the natural resources in farming and agriculture exist in Iran. They can buy from their own farmers! Farmers go without business, crops die out, People stay poor and hungry in Iran. Not the sole cause, but a major contributing factor to the decline in Iran's economic state.

No state benefits, so people are left with hunger and no jobs. A desperate mother resorts to selling her dignity in order to feed her children. A disabled citizen who served in the Iran-Iraq war is not looked after nor given a pension by the government; yet the same government funds Hamas and Hizbollah. You support a regime that overlooks the needs of its people for the needs of terrorist organisations?

Such is the answer to the 'cause and effect' formula; courtesy of the Islamic Republic of Iran's unethical and tyrranous rule.