Monday, August 18, 2008

Consequences of Claiming Friendship with People of Israel

Ahmadi-Nejad's deputy, Rahim Moshayi, whose daughter is married to Ahmadi-nejad's son, seems to be getting deeper and deeper into trouble after saying 'We are friends with all the people of the world, even the people of America and Israel', in a press conference back in July.

Any where else in the world, such a statement would be interpreted as reasonable and sensible but not in the Islamic Republic establishment!

Two hundred "representatives" of the Islamic Assembly have signed a letter asking Ahamdi-nejad to deal severely with his deputy for his claim of Iran being friends with the people of Israel.
Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi, one of the 'Shiite Sources of Emulation', is the latest of the clerical big guns who is now demanding Moshayii's resignation. He has criticised the Islamic Republic president for having Moshayii next to him during his recent trip to Turkey despite all the calls for his resignation.

Editor of Tehran based daily, Kayhan, and former prison interrogator, Hossein Shariatmadari, also demanded the immediate resignation of Moshayii from the 'popular and elected' president, saying 'Why has the president not acted already against his deputy who refers to the thugs and hoodlums living in Israel as people and calls them our friend?"

But perhaps the most comical of the reactions has been from Fatemeh Rajabi, the wife of Ahmadi-nejad's government spokesman, Gholamhossein Elham:

'There is no excuse or justification for Moshayii's statement. How can he come up with such statement on the eve of our hidden Imam's birthday? Moshayii must know that not only the people of Iran will not approve of his friendship with the people of Israel, but none of the nations of the world will support it either. When Moshayii says the nation of Israel, he must know the word nation is a collectivisation of individuals under a legislation. Do the people of Israel have an iota of legislation?? [ :))) ] What is the difference between the people of Israel and their government? Are they not acting together in their crimes?
.....Rahim Moshayii must know that the Jewish tribes were admonished in Koran, The Jews were the enemy of Islam and Allah's last prophet on earth. ...Rahim Moshayii must know that Imam Khomeini, right from the beginning, attacked Israel as a bunch of Jews. Of course non-Zionist Jews around the world are also colluding with Israel. . '

And this bit is a classic :))
'Hence, considering the president's denial of the holocaust, which was like an explosion of light in the darkness of Zionist suppression, and our government's close ties with the wishes of our hidden Imam, which has terrified the lost sect of Bahaiism and also their pro-democracy backers around the world; such statement by the president's deputy is like a stab in the back, and that is if one is being optimistic' :)))))

Fatemeh Rajabi then criticised Moshayii's competence and suitability for his government posts, saying he has no qualifications for any of his positions. Moshayii is also head of Iran's Heritage as well as tourism and handicrafts.

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Winston said...

I'd like to see what the regime apologists and state reformists would say about the possibility of reforming such stupid establishment now.