Friday, October 24, 2008

Bazaaris v Teachers

The recent strike by the wealthy Iranian bazaaris over the introduction of a 3% VAT, which led to an unprecedented climbdown by the Iranian government made me think about the unsuccessful strike by the Iranian teachers.

The Iranian teachers were asking for their pay rises which was passed as a parliamentary bill at the time to be implemented. They were not asking for anything illegal, they were simply asking for a parliamentary bill which was passed to be implemented, yet they got smashed. The teachers were beaten up, arrested and sacked. Yet the wealthy Bazaaris went on strike and refused to implement what was passed by the parliament and the establishment simply climbed down.

Are there any idiots out there who still think this is a government of the 'dispossessed'??


Hidden Author said...

But it is a regime of the dispossessed! That is, a regime of people who are dispossessed of their ability to think straight. That is the oil wealth of Iran--far from being wasted--is used wisely by the mullahs. If the government didn't use the oil wealth wisely, the people of Iran would starve to death in the millions because oil is all they have. This is due to Islam. Now you could try to make a secular regime but that would attract opposition as in Turkey. Ultimately then, I say (with regret) that Iran is doomed and its current position is a 8 or a 9 on the scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the worst possible outcome and 10 being the best that any Islam-ridden nation (including Iran) could ever hope to achieve.

Winston said...

These recent public acts prove that the Mullahs are vulnerable.

Bahramerad said...

میلیارد تومان درآمد موقوفات
خبرگزاری مهر: نماینده ولی فقیه و سرپرست سازمان اوقاف و امور خیریه کشور گفت: اماکن مذهبی و موقوفات کشور در شش ماهه نخست امسال حدود 60 میلیارد تومان درآمد داشته است. حجت الاسلام حیدر مصلحی صبح شنبه در حاشیه آغاز عملیات اجرایی ساخت کتابخانه ویژه آستانه مبارکه امامزاده عبدالله آمل در گفتگو با مهر افزود: این میزان درآمد موقوفات در مقایسه با مدت مشابه پارسال حدود 20 درصد افزایش داشته است.وی تعداد بقاع متبرکه کشور را حدود هشت هزار فقره اعلام و تصریح کرد: در یکسال گذشته حدود 100 میلیون نفر زائر موقوفات کشور بودند که 10 درصد بیشتر از مدت مشابه پارسال بوده است.سرپرست سازمان اوقاف و امور خیریه کشور همچنین با بیان اینکه 30 موزه در همه استانهای کشور تا پایان سال 88 راه اندازی می شود، گفت: هم اکنون 30 درصد از اقدامات راه اندازی این موزه ها در استانهای کشور انجام شده است.مصلحی گفت: وجود برخی گنجینه های تاریخی، اشیاء و آثار با ارزش در اماکن وقفی باعث شده این موزه ها ایجاد شود.این کتابخانه ویژه با زیربنای دو هزار متر مربع در سه طبقه ساخته می شود.طبقات این کتابخانه شامل اتاق های ویژه و مجهز به امکانات مناسب برای مطالعه برادران و خواهران، مخزن های کتاب، انبار و کتابفروشی است.کتابخانه فوق با صرف اعتبار 500 میلیون تومانی اوقاف آمل ساخته و زمان تحویل این پروژه ها یکساله است.
زمین اهدایی مکان ساخت کتابخانه در آستانه امامزاده ابراهیم را چند نفر از ساکنان همجوار این آستانه مبارکه اهداء کردند.

Who are these "few well wishers" in the last sentence?
I guess the same Bazarries who manage to get round not paying any tax to these Non-Islamic, Non-Republican, Non-Iranian Bloody Fascist Mullah Mafias.
Bar Man Kirri is correct — our dear Persian culture has been decimated by his kind and the mullah mafias to such an extent that child labour in that society has become a norm.
On the Birthday Kourosh The great and of Shahnshah Aryameher, Mohammed Reza Shah e Pahlavi, (and remembering his father, Reza Shah The Great), I am proud of people like him who have ruled Iran.
the Great Persian culture rests on my shoulder and people like me and Azarmehre who will transferee this great human couture to the next generation — not the likes of Bar man kirri.

Anonymous said...


I don't have your e-mail address so I'm just gonna post it here. Please heed my words and listen to this interview with an ex-CIA agent about Iran. It is a must, and I believe his new book is a must read. He talks about IRI geostrategy and much, much more. I know you never visit the links I provide, but you really should listen to this interview, it's very informative.


p.s. Bahramerad, please get my balls out of your mouth.

Bahramerad said...
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Anonymous said...

Baer is on IRI payroll and he has gone native. He is trying to sell his book so Hollywood can make it into another movie. Syrianna was his first venture.


Anonymous said...


How can you be such a fool? So anyone who says anything counter to how you believe the IRI should be dealt with is an IRI supporter?

I think you're on the Zionist payroll and your new posts are an attempt to sell your ignorance to other flag-waving Iranians.

Read a book or two and stop relying on your aging presuppositions.


Bahramerad said...

Congratulation Azarmehr with your new mouth piece - Bar man kirri - I hope you be more successful with him on your side.