Friday, October 24, 2008

I have been Blessed with Another Son

He is 12 days over due but after some inducement and some stern talking to ;) the little fellow, after a lot of effort, finally decided to pop out this morning. This is my second son and now I have a proper dynasty, when I finally fall, my boys will carry the banner for a secular democratic Iran :))))

Joking aside, I promise never to indoctrinate my children, they will be free to choose and think however they want and I should not expect them to be passionate about the things I am passionate about. I do hope however that they will live in a free country, where they will not be persecuted for their beliefs and they will not have to look over their shoulder for what they say. I hope they will cherish and safeguard these privileges.

Giving birth is the greatest miracle of them all and those who protect and save lives have the most rewarding professions. I am going to catch up with some sleep.

p.s. I can't get to my old email, if you want my new email, just leave a comment with your email, I won't publish it and save it in my new mail box instead.


petrou said...

Hi Potkin,

This is Michael Petrou contacting you. We haven't corresponded in a couple of years. I still write for Maclean's magazine in Canada. I know this is a long shot, but I'm trying to track down Shahram Azam, the Iranian doctor who examined Zahra Kazemi after she was tortured and murdered, and who then sought asylum in Canada. Any chance you'd know how to track him down?
My email address is:

I hope you are well. I continue to enjoy your blog Congratulations on your second son.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Mlade pesar kocholot khojaste.
Congratulation, I am so happy for you and your beautiful wife. Kiss the baby for me.
See you soon.XXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Dear Potkin
congratulation to you and your wife for your new arrival, brand new, 2008/09 plate beautiful baby. I wish you luck, hapiness and many more to come.

Anonymous said...

Congrats man! I hope he and the mother are healthy! all the best for you and the Azarmehr family :)

Anonymous said...

A warm 'Welcome' to the new member of the family
Congratulations, and enjoy the years together
Hope the mum is OK :0)

Anonymous said...

Omidvaram az to khoshgeltar bashe,
be to va Dana aziz az samime ghalbam tabrik migam.

Winston said...

Great news. Wonderful.

مبارک باشه

Unknown said...

congratulation dear Azarmehr.
تبريك مي گم آذرمهر جان.ان شاء الله عصاي دستت بشه.

Unknown said...

Hi and congratulation .
by the way, i need your email for sendding new news about Ayatollah Boroujerdi.thank you and
have a good time with your family.say hello to them.

Anonymous said...

So what's his name? I knew you always had dynastic plans...masquerading around as some sort of democratic secularist:))

What if he turns out to become a socialist? Wouldn't that be ironic:)

Just imagine when he's 17 and beginning to become politically aware and finds out his father had a blog back in the day and decides to check out the archives. That's when he comes across the eloquent and poignant posts of the late Barmakid and begins to think to himself, "How could someone be so write, so many times? Barmakid knew that Barrack Hussein Obama would get elected,and simply because of the math. Barmakid's a genius." But I digress...



p.s. make sure he learns how to read and write Farsi

Sohrab said...

Congratulations Azarmehr - wishing you and yours all the best.

Azarmehr said...

Thanks every one!

Barmakid, 'If he becomes a Socialist??' I will nail his ears to the wall :))))) Honestly I won't mind, he will come to see the errors of his judgement in his own time :)

If he ever gets to read this blog and your comments however, he will say who is this Barmakid who put a comment on my birthday? saying:
"How could someone be so write, so many times? " Can he not tell the difference between right and write? ;))

Isn't it great that at times like this, the human spirit wins over ideological differences?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was posting at like 4am - I'm allowed to make some mistakes:) But touche, touche...


Anonymous said...

Congrats buddy. I hope you enjoy raising this bundle of joy and wish him the greatest health.

Bahramerad said...

Congratulations to you, Azarmehr, your clever dear wife and your other son.
knowing a little about your father and how you turned up, I am sure that your sons will be 180 degrees different from you! which is a greet relief as verity makes the world a better place!
Congratulations also to the proud grandparents.
I wish all of you a healthy, a happy and a log life.

Harry Barnes said...

Congratulations to you and your wife. At my age I also know how much it matters to the proud grandparents.

Anonymous said...

Had no idea anyone was pregnant but bloody brilliant. Much love to you, the mother and your future dynasty. Bloody Mazel Tov my friend!


Azarmehr said...

Thank you Arash and Thank you Mr. Barnes. I was just checking the date to see who else was born on that day and what happened on 24th October. Looks like the Kray brothers were born and the October revolution happened on that day!!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic news. Congrats and may god bless your family.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.
I hope he grows to be as wise as his father.

Mahtab Farid said...


United Nations was also founded on October 24, but in 1945. All the best to you and your family.

Azarmehr said...

Mahtab e aziz,

I don't have your email any more. Please send it to me.

Perhaps the little fellow will unite Iran and Slovakia ;)

Anonymous said...

i am so happy when i heard your second son birth.
please kiss your new son for me
i wish best for your sons and you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations buddy, 2 more to go for your own 5-a-side team, assuming you can still kick a ball at your age! The drinks are on me next time I see you.

Anonymous said...

lovely jobly,,,, nice one my son ,,