Monday, March 30, 2009

Ahmadinejad's Jinx Continues

When president Ahamdinejad turned up at a wrestling tournament last month, it was widely expected that the Iranian team would easily win. Presumably Ahmadinejad had planned to ride on the euphoria of the crowd who would have become rapturous after victory, by claiming some of the frenzy was due to his presence. In fact against all expectations the Iranian wrestling team lost.

Next such opportunity for Ahmadinejad was to turn up at the world cup qualifying match between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Again the expectation was that Iran would easily defeat Saudi Arabia on the home ground. Ahmadinejad is known for his love of the game and rarely misses a photo opportunity with Iran's football players. Surely the football fans would share some of their enthusiasm with his presence at the stadium and he would take some credit from that for his popularity.

Yet this is how the events unfolded according to the Iranian website

'The president turned up at the stadium 30 minutes after the game had started. Loud speakers announced his entry and welcomed him, but the 100,000 crowd remained silent as if they were in a shock.

Another attempt to get the crowds on their feet was made at half time. While the players were in the changing rooms, the loud speaker at the stadium twice asked the crowds, to hoist and wave the flags and cheer loudly for the national team in the presence of 'our beloved president'. Again no reaction! The crowds remained silent. Prior to Ahmadinejad turning up, the crowd were ecstatic in their support of the national team. It was obvious that the request by the loud speaker was a naive attempt at soliciting the crowd's support for Ahmadinejad but they were not falling for it.

When Iran lost against all expectations in the last ten minutes, silence turned into anger, the crowd started jeering at the regime's pet coach, Ali Daii, at Ahamadinejad himself and at the regime in general and the LEF had to move in to control and push back the crowd.

The cartoon shown here, depicts Ali Daii, who was removed as the national coach after Iran's defeat, saying 'I think the president's presence raised the spirits of the other team'.


Nader said...

The SMS messages sent in Iran these days refer to him as Mahmood13.

Anonymous said...

برخي از تماشاگران معترض كه ظاهرا به شدت از باخت تيم ملي فوتبال به عربستان عصباني بودند با نزديك شدن به بازيكنان و فحاشي ركيك به بازيكنان تيم ملي زمينه ايجاد يك درگيري تمام عيار را فراهم كردند

Anonymous said...

Surely you can not blame the defeat on Ahmadinejad! How can a president be responsible for a football match? I think you are so desperate to criticise the regime that you grab at any thing.

barmakid said...

I think anonymous has a point. But on a lighter note, Ali Daei had to go. His petty coaching style is what has kept Mobali from playing on the national team, and that's simply not acceptable. Not to mention his associations with politics and political figures.

And as far as Ahmadinejad firing Daei; God damn it! Do they not understand that FIFA has rules against that? THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT BE INVOLVED IN SPORTS MANAGING DECISIONS. It's because of things like this that Iran is never on the FIFA soccer video games, but motha fu*%in Uzbekistan is. We Iranians living over seas have been deprived of playing with our own team from Sega to Play Station 3. And jenab agha Ahmadinejad is not helping.


Winston said...

Ali Daei is at the service of the regime. I never liked him. We have a word for this type of person: Chaplous چاپلوس ، بادمجان دور قاب چین

Anonymous said...

my friend you are missing the point.

No one is blaming the loss of the Iranian team of Ahmadinejad here. He is simply showing how the people of Iran simply have no respect for him, or the regime.

Mehrdad said...

This is how the Bedouin Arabs interpretted the win:

ترجمه حرفهای گزارشگر شبکه الریاضیه بعد از گل دوم عربستان: ای بزرگ آسیا، بزرگ آسیا... الله اکــــــبر (تکرار)... الله علیک سعودی (ایولا به سعودی) ... ای سعودی، ای سعودی سرت را بلند کن ای سعودی... الـــــلـــه،... افتخار عـــرب، افتـــخار عــرب... در سرزمین فارس ها اسب های عرب می درخشند .. در سرزمین فارس ها اسب های سعودی درخـــــشان تـــرند... الـــــلــه.... ای زندگی من،ای (....)، ای سبز (تیم عربستان) ... حلقه هایش را قوی تر کرد، ای مردم حلقه هایش را قوی تر کرد، و پـــــــیروز شد، بهت گفتم صبر کن ولی تو گفتی مگه سعودی

از خود ویدیو جالب تر بعضی از نظراتی ست که زیر ویدیوهاست.... فقط قبلش بگم آدم بد و خوب توی هر سرزمینی هست .. این هارو می ذارم که فقط بگم چرا از اینکه به جام جهانی نمی ریم ناراحت نیستم و از اینکه به عربستان باختیم ناراحتم....

يستاهلون كل ما يطلبون على هالفتح السني في بلاد الكفر الفارسي والله فوز اسلامي لان عيال المتعة والفرس بغوها شماته ونصر على السنه ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين داشين بقلوب تقيه وهدفهم الفوز لنصرة الدين مو نصر السعوديه وديرة وكاس والانتقام من ابناء المتعة احفاد كسرى

ترجمه: کوتاه بیا!...تنها چیزی که ما سنی ها میخواستیم پیروزی در سرزمین کفر فارس هاست و قسم به خودم که اسلام اصلی پیروز میشه بر صیغه و نفس شیطانی فارس ها که می خوان بر سنی ها پیروز بشن.... (آیه قرآن: فکر کردی بر همه حیله می زنی بر خدا هم می تونی ... همانا خدا حیله گر ترینست!) پیروزی در قبله افراد معتقد و پاک است... این پیروزی نه فقط برای سعودی بلکه برای دین است ... واین جام انتقامی ست از فرزندان کسری (فرزندان خسرو پرویز یا حکومت ساسانی)...

Azarmehr said...

Hey Barmakid,

Any chance of replying to my reply to your comment:

Shirin said...

Re: Chaploos

Like Barmakids were the Chaplooses of the Abbassid Arab khalifs and they still got killed by the Abbassids

barmakid said...

Azarmehr, on my mother I responded, and it was quite long, but it wasn't published. I'm not saying you didn't publish it, I think the same thing happened as before. I think it has to do with the computer I post from or something, because every time I post from that cpu it never gets published and I have to end up rewriting it. And honestly, I haven't mustered the energy to rewrite it all. But i will, give me some time.


Azarmehr said...


Try to copy/save the comments so you can paste them again. Perhaps when the comments are too long this happens?

Anonymous said...

barmakiri, go away!