Thursday, April 22, 2010

Admission that the Regime Rapes in Prisons by the IRGC Commander

The footage below shows IRGC Commander, Saeed Ghassemi, speaking to a group of loyal Baseejis. It is a clear admission to rape in Islamic Republic prisons as well as an implicit threat that anyone who dares to challenge the regime in the streets can face all consequences including rape:

'..If they want to oppose the regime intellectually, there isn't a problem, we pray for them, but if they dare to come on the streets and challenge the establishment, be it if they are my own child or even if they are a martyr's son, the establishment is duty bound to deal with them, so be aware..and you lot [the audience] tell them not to be obstinate otherwise they will be taken to a place with sauna and jacuzzi [laughter by the audience] or those things that Karroubi has claimed [laughter again], which haven't happened of course, but you never know things can happen, of course one can't play with convictions, you see a lot of them are still putting up a resistance but those who have broken down have really broken down, so tell them they will be taken to those kind of places and then they will confess to everything in less than twenty days [laughter], and just like the Supreme Leader said you can criticise from the Almighty himself right to the prophet and be as secular as you want up to a point, you can see this freedom in bread queues and in taxis, people freely moan about everything, no one is bothering them, show me, show me somewhere in the world where a secular university lecturer can lecture on secularism and turn my religious son or a martyr's son or a martyr's wife and turn them against the Supreme Leader? where do you see such thing in the world? show me....[some poetry about martyrs] you can see the bottom colour is red like the blood of the martyrs, anyone who takes on the establishment after the revolution will receive his punishment here and now, nothing is happening in the other world, the other side has its own rules and regulations, here anyone who has any knowledge of history can see that whoever takes on the regime will fall, that's for certain, don't doubt that ...[more poetry]'

and here is a picture of the commander with Daniel Ortega


Anonymous said...

Kosskeshe basjii, madar jendeh. This video makes my blood boil. The worst part is these basijis dont have any other choice, once their parents and government choose to indoctrinate them with this crap from such a young age. Death to the Islamic Republic.

Great post too Potkin...keep these coming.

Sohrab said...


Waybec said...

The cesspit sewer of Khamanei's power base! I have Iranian friends who have now secretly stricken themselves of Islam and being a muslim. And little wonder when they see the vile branch of evolution actually run the show! If religion is such an exulted higher plane, then how come it always just profits the most sick, debase and repungnant monkeys!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting Ortega