Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is Still Possible Not to Surrender to this Nightmare

I hope Ebi sings this song in the Royal Albert Hall tonight:

Although the black clad are rounding up the shredded stars from the streets
Although the mourners are pulling out the doves from amidst the ruins

Although the stench of inquisition and blood is everywhere
It is still possible not to become a victim of this nightmare of terror
It is still possible not to surrender to the night and become a prisoner of this evil....


Sohrab said...

Beautiful. And yes, it is still possible to resist.

Arash said...

What a beautiful song, sung perfectly by Ebi.


Azarmehr said...

I was very disappointed with the Ebi concert, not only he didn't sing this song he made no political statement either. Some one approached the stage to hand in a picture of Hamed Rouhinejad to him so he can say something about him but the concert organisers refused point blank saying they don;t want any political gestures.