Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How Do Chants of 'Death to Moussavi' Help the Palestinian Cause?

You only need to look at these two video footages to understand the hypocrisy of the AlQuds rallies held by the IRI embassies throughout European cities. In UK, the rally is organised by an IRI funded body calling itself Islamic Human Rights Commission. Here in this footage one can see Massoud Shajareh, the Iranian head of IHRC. At first he says some very nice encouraging words, "coming together regardless of creed standing up to the oppressors", but then watch him when he is asked about the oppression of Iranian protesters:

And here you see some Pakistani participants in the AlQuds rally chanting 'Marg bar Moussavi', Death to Moussavi!

Why would a body that calls itself Islamic Human Rights Commission teach its puppets to chant 'Death to Moussavi' in a supposedly 'pro-Palestinian' rally? How does that help the cause of Palestinians?

These goons are taught to chant Death to Moussavi, someone who led Iran during the war against Saddam Hussien and are marching towards the rally point, where former Saddam and Uday Hussein stooge, George Galloway will be speaking to their cheers and applauses.

I really hope these people will educate themselves a bit about the facts or we will sadly carry on witnessing more of these inhumanes scenes in Pakistan (see below), where lynch mobs beat two innocent Pakistani brothers to death in front of the local Sialkot police chief in Pakistan. If you want to liberate others first of all put your own house in order:

The Al-Quds rally does not do anything for Palestine or Palestinians. All the Al-Quds rally shows is that there is so much freedom in this country that even its most hardened adversaries are allowed to march in the streets. I mean imagine if the UK embassy organised a march in the streets of Tehran with protesters carrying pictures of the queen and the prime minister! I don't think we need to think twice what would happen to them.


Juniper in the Desert said...

I wonder who is that white english with dark hair, screaming "death to mousavi" and "long live the Iranian revolution"?

Where do these ignorant savages come from?

Juniper in the Desert said...

at 1:00, on lower video, english shouting "shame on you" and at 1:50, english shouting and waving hizbollah flag!

How dare they! I am English and totally revolted! This rabble is a minority, I am so sorry for this outrage!!

Hanif Leylabi said...

For once I've agreed with the main thrust of what you're saying. I would not march on the Al Qods march.

Waybec said...

Well again, an intelligence ignorant of the facts can be forgiven, by an intelligence who deliberately IGNORES the facts is nothing but a cowardly sick scar across the conscience of humanity. The 'shame on you' the crowd shouts are actually the biggest shame in not objectively acknowledging the murderous oppressive bruatilies of the current Iranian regime. But then again, they can hide under the very liberal umbrella of my own country can't they? Betcha what you like, they all probably bitch and moan about 'imperialist' England, and yet somehow these blind-sided hypocrites always seem to want kick up and stay here don't they? Funny that....

Hanif Leylabi said...

I've heard that some people in green were with the racist and fascist EDL and some were waving Paletsinian flags with swastikas and shouting anti arab racist remarks. This is all disgustig and one reason I wouldn't join in any counter demo.

But it's not like these non Iranians spontaneoulsy learned how to say death to moussavi in farsi. Where had they learnt it and where had they chanted it before? and of course they were holding Khamenei pics some of them.

I don't think a counter demo is useful (when the issue is palestine) but I continue to put the argument to people I know that this is one Pro Palestine march we should not be attending. Not because of support for Hezbollah, I support the Palestinian resistance. But because the organisers and some participants represent the worst of the neo con elements of the Iranian establishment.

Sohrab said...

But Hanif, SWP has been empowering these people for years. They've been marching side by side with these Hizbullahi reactionaries raising the red flag alongside the yellow one.

Don't you guys see you're playing with fire? You aren't the ones guiding these "oppressed" lumpen fascists toward proletarian consciousness. They are dragging you around and down to their obscurantist level. They are men, you are boys - politically speaking.

Azarmehr said...

@Hanif: Well you can listen to as many rumours as you want if you weren't there yourself, but I can tell you that we did all we could to keep the Israeli flags and the EDL away. The EDL were just big cowards, all they could do was shout 'E...E....EDL' and profanities behind their masks and behind the police lines. They made it harder for us to get our message across but if more people showed courage and join us then perhaps we would have had a better chance to expose the hypocrisy of the regime which is much more powerful and is what the regime fears most than just some drunken yobbos shouting 'E...E..EDL' behind their masks.

As a positive step you can complain to OFCOM for Press TV's biased coverage of the rally.

Unknown said...

@Hanif These were photos taken by MDL Muslim Defence League which threateningly asked it's members to 'remember the faces' of the greens who bravely stood up a mere cm or two away from the Hezbollah chanting mob! But ironically, they also provide the best proof what rubbish those rumors are about Swastikas on Palestinian flags...if these morons cared about Palestine they would know the regime in Iran is the greatest enemy of the Palestinian cause.

As for the chants, see pt6, pt7 and the rest to see who's chanting what: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6t-V-1y_vw

Attend, see and hear before you judge.

Celia Correia said...

Your blog helps anyone to understand what a theocracy is for those who are not initiated in the subject (I'm a Brazilian living in London). Since they are gods they can do whatever they want to their people. It seems more complex and destructive than any dictatorship. Have started reading and could not stop for many hours. I'm gobsmacked. It makes Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot appear more benevolent. Albeit unacceptable, at least they had a logic/explanation behind their actions.

Ali said...

I am glad you made the Galloway connection Potkin...I don't know how his supporters in the crowd can reconcile the contradictions of the whole matter.