Sunday, September 05, 2010

Somaye Zadeh in Pro-IRI AlQuds Rally in London

Somaye Zade, or Somaye Bagherzadeh (full name) is the daughter of former MKO member, Hossein Bagherzadeh.  As well as being a studio manager for BBC World Service, she is also an active member of Iran Campaign, the arch apologists for the Iranian regime. She has gone on record during a Stop the War Coalition meeting as suggesting Iran's homosexuals are not harassed and they are free as long as they change their sex'  :))

Here she is trying to remove an Iranian dissident and former political prisoner from one of the Campaign Iran meetings in SOAS before she was assisted by a number of embassy goons. SWP member Dominique Kavakabian is seen standing next to her.

When the post election protests erupted in Iran, on a number of occasions she tried to take pictures of herself and her SWP comrades handing out Campaign Iran leaflets, so that they could pretend the protests outside the embassy were in tune with the Campaign Iran apologists and not in favour of regime overthrow.

Of course she was kicked out every time she was spotted:

and here she was marching amongst the Iranian regime organised AlQuds march yesterday:

More pictures from yesterday's rally by pro-Iranian government supporters:

Hammer and Sickle flag of Communists aloft at the pro-Iranian government rally. Don't these stupid people know how many unGodly Communists have been killed in Iran? Another clear demonstration of the failure by the Iranian Left to tell their comrades what Islamic Republic is about.

As usual, no one from BBC Persian to cover the event.


Anonymous said...

Another great post Potkin.

We need more people like you. You are passionate for your people and your country!

Anonymous said...

Why would BBC persian want to cover an IRI sponsored event(non-event)?

Hanif Leylabi said...

We were not kicked out of the protests every time we went. Quite the contrary. The only problem e had was when you aggressively tried to stop us handing out leaflets and the organisers agreed because they didn't want a diversion from the main message of their event. People even came up to the police and organisers on that occasion asking why we weren't allowed to hand out our leaflets when we were supporting the demonstrations.

We were there several more times without problem and sold a lot of socialist worker newspapers.

And what do you mean by overthrow the regime? By that do you mean the entire Islamic Republic regime? Is this what you are saying the main aim of the protests were about?

Azarmehr said...

I am sorry if you dont think this is newsworthy.

A) It will show the people in Iran how much freedom there is here that Ahamdinejad's supporters can mcrh in the streets of London without being arrested

B) It would have given an opportunity to the counter protesters to say why they were protesting

Your non sensical comment is like saying why would BBC want to cover Ahmadinejad's trip to UN

Azarmehr said...


Well there you go. Now those who didnt understand why I wanted you lot kicked out understand. Those days they didnt know who SWP or campaign iran were.

Thank you by once again explaining where you come from and who you are.

Waybec said...

What's the scuttlebug of the Quads Day rallies in Iran however? Word is they were mainly snubbed, rebuttaled and boycotted by the vast majority of the Iranian people with pro-regime supporters sometimes outnumbered by security forces? What's the word and info you got? Can you confirm any of this Potkin?

Amir said...

@Hanif - you weren't there to support the protestors. You were there to pursue your own interests and sell your newspapers which I wouldn't wipe my arse with.

Hidden Author said...

Azarmehr, what do you think about the probability that Iran after the Islamic Republic will be a Communist state?

Here's why I think that Communism is a high probability after the fall of the Islamic Republic. Consider the conditions of such an Iran:

Condition 1. It will probably be a rising of the poor that finishes off the Islamic Republic, a rising probably due to peak oil or elsewhere a shift to less oil-dependent technology.

2. The first condition will force the government to retain a large asset portfolio in order to replace oil as a source of funds for feeding and caring for the people. And Communism is the perfect excuse for the government to grab control of assets.

3. Also the nationalization of the mullahs' bonyads would in and of itself place most of Iran's economy in the hands of the government.

So even if Iran does not become an official Communist People's Republic, socialism may very well be a plank in the Constitution...

Dariush said...

lol after 18 months and the tools of an entire countries diplomatic channels, all they can muster is this? 100 people, representing the dregs of society and a few nutjob clerics? Only half of them appear to even be "iranian"!

I mean the communist flags and the hezbollah slogans would be borderline hilarious, if they werent so dangerous!!

Once again Potkin, good reporting. Exposing these traitors is invaluable.

Is it worth writing to the BBC? I mean surely a journalist with the BBC is paid to be inpartial without any affiliation or particular agenda!>?

Anonymous said...

Good reporting.

Not only Quds day was a non-event in Iran this year, it is also following suit in many other countries.

I believe, listening to friends or acquaintances, who have started boycotting the event in London, they do not feel easy with a fascist regime which showed its true colours in last years election backing Quds day and specially now that it is against any peace approach amongst the Israel/Palestine authorities.

The world has acquired a new evil and those blind to this should question weather asking the devil for help is worth selling their souls.


Azarmehr said...

@waybec: Total washout!

Azarmehr said...

@hidden author: ZERO chance!

Azarmehr said...

@DAriush: I think it is outrageous that BBC Persian didnt turn up and if you can write a letter of complaint please do so.

Hidden Author said...

Why zero chance? I explained all the factors that would lead to such an outcome. Can you explain what would cancel those factors out?

Anonymous said...

Dear Azarmehr,

considering that this unfortunate countrywomen's insistence on taking sides with the islamist theocrats tormenting our people might be due to her experiencing an advanced stage of sexual frustration, would it not be the patriotic duty of yours, to utilise your manly powers and make her happy thereby winning another activist to the cause of us who wish to see the Islamic Republic overthrown in its entirety?

I'm serious, this is no sarcasm look at her in the second picture, it is quite obvious from the look in her eyes what really bothers her!
Help her Azarmehr, she needs you

Waybec said...

Well I'm glad Quds Day in Iran was viewed as a bit of a snub and PR disaster Potkin. Although I sympathise with the Palastinian plight on humanitarian grounds. I do not sympathise with a cynical regime that just exploits their cause to deflect and suppress the real issues in Iran. Grandstanding from a position of tyranny is the highest and most sickest form of hypocrisy. No wonder most Iranians now feel ignored and like second class citizen's in their own country at the hands of these greedy and pompous black vultures! The regime also tells the world not to make the 'Stoning' case a Human rights issue, and yet it's their own brutal dark age mentality that has made it exactly that! Ha, they are TOO blame, not the world! And what a great Defender of the people and faith the Supreme Leader has turned out to be eh? First he betrays the people with his fraudulent elections and murderous suppression, and now even sanctions attacks on mosques and fellow clerics over Quds Day! Still, Khanamanei's maniacal and demented ego continues to slowly destroy the Islamic Republic. If the system ain't got the guts to remove this traitor and mass murderer and sort out his evil corrupt house, then the people's simmering silence before the ever growing massive storm soon will! The volcano is coming...

Azarmehr said...

@hidden author: there have been even more favourable conditions in the past like when Soviet Union was right on our door step and thsi never happened. Communism and Iranian mentality just dont go hand in hand

Don Cox said...

"Although I sympathise with the Palestinian plight on humanitarian grounds."

I would sympathise with them because they are being used and deceived by unscrupulous people, both Arabs and Iranians.

And I would sympathise with the "Palestinians" in Lebanon, as they are downtrodden and deprived of rights, although almost all of them were born in Lebanon and so should be full citizens of that country.