Friday, September 03, 2010

Media Coverage of Mostafaei's Family Reunion

Norwegian TV:

Fox News coverage:

Amy Kellogs:

Times Front Page:


Juniper in the Desert said...

Thanks. Very heart warming!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the BBC or VOA cover any of this? :S

Waybec said...

(OFF SUBJECT - THUS NOT FOR PUBLICATION) But ever thought of advocating protests by Iranian's simply staying at home Potkin? Word is Azardi Square was embarrassment even to the cheating elite by not enough people turning up for Quads Day? Therefore, maybe this is the best and safest way of protest? Make the cheating regime supporters more uncomfortable, conspicuous and isolated by the eerie silence and empty streets of the normal everyday people no longer adding their voice to support them? Wouldn't this further sap the soul of those on the edges and fringes of Ahamndinejad's fraudulent government with an almost palpible and onimous sense that they were no longer longer wanted or welcome? Sides could change even more quickly to favour the people..??? Just think, a devoid of numbers by day at any future rallies to be manipulated as favourable propaganga for Khamanei... But a multitude of voices on the rooftops by night absolutely reviling and condemning him..? Another step towards collapsing the filthy pillars of murder and tyranny...? What d'you think????