Friday, July 15, 2011

IRI's Moral Police Step up the "Battle Against Enemy"

It is summer again and the Islamic Republic's moral police is out in full force harassing those who digress from the strict observance of the Islamic dress code. The offence for not observing the Hejab code can be imprisonment or fine, but perhaps the humiliation is the most painful, especially when the "offenders" are with their children.

These pictures are taken from the Iranian press.

A mother is harassed in front of her young daughter for showing a few strands of hair under her scarf.
Good God! The sleeves are rolled up slightly above the wrist, how provocative!
How dare you show your toes in an Islamic country?

Moral police arrests ordinary women in the streets.


nehad ismail said...

They got their priorities wrong. People need jobs, a decent standard of living, a working transport system, a clean environment and a good health service. What we see in Islamic countries such as Iran is an obsession with the Hijab, Niqab, stoning women and executing people for offences considered minor in the West.

Waybec said...

Well you only have to look at some YouTube video's to know the seething tenions from the gathering crowds whenever they witness such things. Deep down everybody knows this is a stupid medieval law made up by thug cavemen! If Iran wants a true Moral Police they should arrest the Basiji, the Revolutionary Guard and the rank and file of the currently corrupt government and Clergy now wanting to give their butchering dictator friend Assad billions! Ha, so much for feeding Iranians eh? ..Even Britain now has had it's kind of mini-revolution in finally breaking the blackmailing back of Murdoch's scumbag hold on politician's and society! So how much longer are Iranian's gonna put up with it's own sinister sleeze up at the top while all other surrounding people have at last said Enough Is Enough! Go for it!

Juniper in the Desert said...

This is off topic but may please you:

I recall during post-election demos, that Iran regime was using Nokia/siemens systems to help block and track Green revolutionaries, and on twitter people asked to boycott Nokia!