Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Ahamdinejad’s Message of Condolence for Hugo Chavez

Ahmadinejad, in his message of condolences for Hugo , published on his official website, referred to Hugo Chavez as a "Martyr of service to the people of Venezuela, who died as a result of
a suspicious death"

Ahmadinejad added "I have no doubt, Chavez will return with Jesus Christ and all the other righteous ones, along with that only one remaining from
the generation of the pure, that complete human being [the Hidden Imam] and Hugo will help the human society bring about peace, complete justice, kindness and perfection. "

"until justice and love is alive, Hugo is alive. Until faith, pureness and humanity is alive, Hugo is alive too

He was deeply monotheist and committed to divine and human values and believed in the path of Gods messengers and the global rule of justice and love under the leadership of the righteous ones"

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Waybec said...

The trouble with Chavez is that for mutual hatred reasons of the USA alone - he would backslap with the likes of Assad and Ahmadinejad! Chavez claimed he cared for the Venezuelan people and yet thought nothing about condemning Iranian's and Syrians to the constant oppression of their Regimes. Chavez at the time of his passing was also repressing freedom of speech with government corruption and criminality becoming more and more rife! Sadly, like all blustering egos surrounded by sycophants for too long, they all just end up grandstanding from the point of hypocrisy and tyranny