Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating Nowruz by the Tomb of Cyrus in Pasargadae

The Islamic Republic has never liked Cyrus the Great. Not only does Cyrus represent the glory of the pre-Islamic Iran, but the values that Cyrus stood for; i.e. tolerance, freedom of choice, freedom of religion etc. are all but the nemesis of this theocratic regime.

The mad cleric, Sadegh Khalkhali, as a result of his illiteracy and stupidity even misinterpreted a word in a book about Cyrus's youth and happily concluded that Cyrus was as a transverstite and thus thought he had demolished the reputation of the great founder of the Persian empire; of course little did he know that he was only making a fool of himself.

Thirty four years after all the animosity of the clerics towards Cyrus, the father of the Iranian nation , he is still revered by his descendants.

The following footage shows a gathering of young Iranians last week, celebrating the Iranian new year, Nowruz, by the tomb of Cyrus the Great and chanting:

Iran is our Country/ Cyrus is our father
Neither Gaza or Lebanon/I die only for Iran

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