Monday, September 18, 2006

14th Anniversary of Mykonos Assassinations

On 17th September, 1992, Iranian-Kurdish opposition leaders Sadegh Sharafkandi, Fattah Abdoli, Homayoun Ardalan and their translator Nouri Dehkordi were assassinated at the Mykonos Greek restaurant in Berlin, Germany.

Several Lebanese Hezbollah members were amongst the assassination squad. Lebanese, Abbas Rhayel, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Two other Lebanese Hezboallah members, Youssef Amin and Mohamed Atris, were convicted of being accessories to murder. Another Lebanese Hezbollah member, Abu Jafar aka as Abu Heydar was the driver of the get-away car.

Only one Iranian dissident present in the restaurant, Parviz Dastmalchi, survived the ordeal and showed immense courage in pursuing the truth.

Now how many times have you heard "Hezbollah is not a terrorist organisation but a liberation movement"? How does assassinating Iranian opposition figures in a Berlin restaurant make Hezbollah a liberation movement? How does assassinating Iranian opposition serve the Lebanese people in any way?


Anonymous said...

And yet European officials still talk of dialogue with this barbarian regime.

It's shameful!

Anonymous said...

This assassination was ordered by Rafsanjanie (who was the president at the time).Khatami was in his cabinet and the master of the ceremonies was Khamenei.This information is recorded in the shameless history of the Islamic Khalifeh of poor and invaded Iran by a bunch of criminals with a devilish ideology usurped from Islam.…
But does anyone care, as long as they have a bit of bread to eat, and are busy lying and cheating each other to their next meal.

Anonymous said...

excellent post Potkin jaan. Merci.

Anonymous said...

حسین درخشان و گفتمان جديدش بعد از جدايي از opendemocracy
erinther | 09.20.06 - 12:09 pm | #

Anonymous said...

are you beside separatists?
it looks like your love is much for kurdish seperatists...
you all the regime oppositors looks for one target: collapsing the regime.
if the regime standing with the hatred against USA and israel collapses,iran will fall into pierces.
kurdish part, turkish part,farsi part...only things that bring iran together are sia sect, petrol revenues and USA-israel hatred.
nothing else.

Azarmehr said...

to the Anonymous person who is accusing me of standing besides separatists:
You must not change gears before you engage the clutch. Why dont you read some of the stuff I have written: