Thursday, September 07, 2006

BBC Persian, Mouthpiece of the Islamic Republic

There was a good reason why we staged the hunger strike called by Akbar Ganji, right outside the BBC Persian HQ in London. We were not surprised either when the likes of Behnood and some other BBC Persian employees were not happy with our decision. "The police will not allow it" was what one of them told us,when we already had obtained the police permission! :)

Here is an example of how the BBC Persian employees regurgitate the Islamic Republic word by word without giving a glance to other facts.

The BBC Persian reported the death of Iranian political prisoner Feyz Mahdavi only yesterday, repeating the story disseminated by the Islamic Republic that Feyz Mahdavi has committed suicide and he was an MKO supporter who was caught bringing explosives from Iraq to Iran.

Yet the BBC Persian employees completely ignored Mahdavi's attorney, the respected lawyer, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, who has confirmed his client was on hunger strike.
According to Mr Dadkhah, the Intelligence section of the Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) came to Gowhardasht prison with a camera crew and tried to force a number of prisoners to say in front of their camera, Islamic Republic's version of Mahdavi's death. None of these statements are included in the BBC Persian's report on Mahdavi's death.

This is how I always remember one of BBC Persian's reports during the 1979 revolution that led to the mullahs seizing power in Iran:
".. And as one of the injured female protesters in Mashad was carried off on a stretcher, her young daughter was clutching to the makeshift stretcher shouting Mother, Mother, while her mother's blood was dripping on to her dress."

Now during the reign of mullahs, so that BBC employees can continue to go back and forward to Iran and enjoy their cheap holidays, the death of a political prisoner is summed up as " .. Feyz Mahdavi was an MKO terrorist who carried explosives from Iraq and died as a result of committing suicide."

Imagine if an Iranian revolutionary guard was captured taking explosives to Iraq and was imprisoned by the Americans. Then went on hunger strike and died 10 days into his hunger strike. The BBC would have a field day, no?

Feyz Mahdavi was under death sentence for 5 years. His membership of the MKO was already refuted by the revolutionary court, yet he was still kept in prison. He went on hunger strike, to demand basic human rights. The right to see his lawyer, the right to know what he is charged for, teh right to a fair trial. None of these are reflected in the BBC Persian report.

I have no doubt that the British government is serious about combating terrorism, but they need to be made aware of how British license payers' money is spent on making yet another propaganda tool for the terrorists. The fight against terrorism must start from the BBC.


Anonymous said...

BBC truly sucks! It is pro-mullha, antisemitic and basically amounts to nothing but garbage.
Indeed reforming BBc is the first step towards teh fight against islamofascims and its terrorist tactics.

Anonymous said...

if you wanna read/hear BBC,i recommend you to read the "original":ISNA,KEYHAN printed by chamenei etc.
you know what i mean ;)

Winston said...

BBC brought the Mullahs to power and helps them stick to power too

BBC is the enemy of the people of Iran.

Anonymous said...

ضديت بنگاه لجن پراکنی بی بی سی با منافع ايران به گزارش مغرضانة کشته شدن ولی فيض مهدوی در اسارتگاه آدمکشان جمهوری پليد اسلامی محدود نمي شود. اين دشمنی حتا فراتر از پشتيبانی گسترده از به قدرت رسيدن تروريستهای اسلامی است. ميهن دوستان ايران هرگز ستيزة تبليغاتی بنگاه لجن پراکنی بی بی سی با رضا شاه را از ياد نمي برند

Anonymous said...

Payame shahzadeh reza pahlavai bemonasebate ghatle feyz mahdavi: