Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Political Prisoner Killed in Iran

I wrote about Feyz Mahdavi before. At the time he was facing execution. We all wrongly thought that the threat of his execution had subsided. Today I learned that he died in a similar fashion to Akbar Mohammadi, while staging a hunger strike. Right now while Khatami is trying to present a deceiving shop front window of the Islamic Republic to his credulous audiences in America, the security forces in the Islamic Republic seem to have devised a new method of killing political prisoners. If the world stays silent, there will be more such tragedies in the coming days.
After Akbar Mohammadi was murdered, I wrote to Clare Short. I asked her to gather a few MPs and protest to the Islamic Republic in the same way that the Swedish Liberal Party had done so. I was confident that the more international protest is made against Akbar Mohammadi's murder the less likely it would be for more such assassinations to follow.

Sadly Clare Short never replied again, and today one more young man opposed to the Islamic regime, was eliminated. Well, if Europe has no guts in facing the Islamic threat, if the Western media finds it more fashionable to write about Guantanamo prisoners than those opposing Islamic fundamentalism, why are they so surprised at their "home grown" threat??


Winston said...

ohhhhhhh.... it is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Oh No. I'm so sorry to hear this.

Will Batebi be next?

It HAS to end soon!

Anonymous said...

I execrate the Islamic murderers and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

You must remember that the political and intellectual community, in Europe in particular, and in USA is not on the side of FREEDOM. They tollerate Stalin (we are susposed to forget that) and tried to appease Hitler (we are susposed to forget that). They have absolutly no interest in a free Iran.

There is a stronger interest in a free Iran in USA but not well developed in the non-Iranian commuity. This is because the media here is on the left.

There are those of us, non-Iranian, in USA who are keenly aware of the need for freedom in Iran. I write lettters to congressmen and so on. I see a great free Iran possibly continuing under a free elected parliamentary government with a constitutional monarchy. But that is for the people of Iran to decide.

Thank you.

Daniel Sullivan in NJ.