Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Inconsistencies of Stop the War Campaigns

Apart from Ayatollah Khomeini's grandson, Hossein, who publicly backed the invasion of Iran as the only way to get rid of a regime that his grandfather founded, I know of no other Iranian who is keen on a military invasion of Iran. We all have loved ones and families back in Iran, how can we possibly not be anxious if a military invasion is on the cards?

There have been a few Stop the War Campaigns which I have come across in UK, in the last few years. Yet despite sharing the same goal, I have always been suspicious of the ones I have encountered. It seems their agenda is not really to stop the war but to support the Islamic Republic and have a bash at America. Take the current very dangerous situation we are in now with the 15 captured British sailors. We are edging towards a military conflict as each day passes by. Even some members of the Islamic Republic establishment like the previous Iranian ambassador to UK, Mohammad Hossein Adeli, claim that "Iran had the right to capture the UK sailors but keeping them as hostages is not in our national interest."

Shady groups like "Iran Action" or "Campaign Against Sanctions and Intervention in Iran", as usual, have been inconsistent with regards to condemning the Islamic Republic when it comes to war-mongering. Surely if one is really against war, then one should be even handed and condemn provocations on both sides.

Even if we accept the Islamic Republic claims that the 15 sailors were in Iranian waters by 400 Metres, I hardly think this is enough penetration for spying purposes! So where are these Stop the War Campaigners now? Why are they not demonstrating now and condemning the hardliners in Iran who really seem intent on wanting a military conflict?

Every time I have asked them why do you not campaign against the crimes committed in Iran by the mullahs, their standard reply is "we think by highlighting such matters, invasion of Iran will be more imminent!"

This kind of logic is as warped and as suspicious as Hoder justifying his wish for Islamic Republic to have nuclear weapons (yes not even energy, weapons!) to bring democracy in Iran. Hoder claims that Islamic Republic is clamping on democracy in Iran because it feels threatened. If she obtains nuclear weapons then she will not feel threatened and will allow democracy in Iran to flourish!! What nonsense! What a pathetic argument from an inadequate revolting bazaar merchant kid!

Following that logic, North Korea should now be a flourishing democracy! and those who fought against Apartheid in South Africa, should have ceased their struggle but pressed for the Apartheid regime to obtain nuclear weapons!

It is these kinds of inconsistencies and pitiful statements that have always made me suspicious of these groups and individuals. For me there is only one sure way of stopping any military action against Iran, and that is the establishment of a secular democracy that respects individual freedoms. A secular democracy which is inclusive of all Iranians irrespective of their religious beliefs. While we have this adventurous, crisis loving, religious apartheid in Iran, we are always risking a military conflict.


Bahramerad said...

The establishment of a secular democracy that respects individual freedoms sounds good and might be the long term goal of all Iranians but it sure is not what we need NOW.
Democracy & freedom to vote for whom ever the people wish will only deliver us to the hands od People like HAMS or Moslem brotherhood outfit once again. (see Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Etc.).
What we need is the realisation of the gravity of the situation we are in now and the coming together of 5 to 10 really powerful and important members of the existing Iranian government to show some courage and guts to stand up and destroy this Islamic Republic of Idiots from within. (remember 1978).

Rancher said...

Tell your loved ones to stay away from infrastructure. We’ll be cutting off power and communications and enforcing a no fly zone. Then the people of Iraq can revolt or not. Before it comes to that we should see a blockade. No gas coming in, maybe no oil coming out. Pressure should be applied but I doubt we will do anything. The Brits can’t do anything. Israel might, I would if I were them. We all secretly loved them for taking out Saddam’s reactor. Anyway I wish all Iranians well and will pray for a peaceful resolution.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Potkin.

Winston said...

These people are all funded and supported by the very regime they are protecting outside of Iran.

Azarmehr said...

Thank you Rancher for your tip about getting our loved ones away from infrastructure(?) - where shall they go in the open fields/moutain tops/deserts? -
but I think you got Iran and Iraq wrong any way!

Hanif Leylabi said...

The west are the only ones threateneing war against Iran. Iran isn't doing this to anyone. They have ships in the Khalij e Fars and I'm pretty sure Iran doesn't have any ships or troops anywhere near the west.