Thursday, October 11, 2007

Islamic Turks Still as Inhumane as when they Massacred Armenians

Islamist Turkish President Abdullah Gul, may condemn the US Congressional Committee vote on the 1915-17 mass killings of Armenians by the Ottomans, but the truth is the inhumane neanderthal behaviour is still inherent amongst many Islamist Turks who yearn for those Ottoman years.

Take the case of what happened to the 5 Iranian refugees, only recently, just prior to Abdullah Gul's visit to the city of Van. Iranian refugees, Arya (Abolfazl) Ajorloo, Ali (Mahan) Alemzadeh, Mojtaba Vatanpoor, Pejman Piran and Alireza Ranjbar had been stranded in the border city of Van for several years. Some of the five had already obtained refugee status from the UN HQ in Van and should have been allowed to leave Turkey already. Instead they were all called to report to the local police station, then taken into a separate room and beaten senseless by several armed savage Turkish police officers wearing bullet proof jackets. Turkish police is so brave and manly!

They were then stuffed into the back of a van and driven towards the Iranian border but at some point the victorious captors had to change their minds, when Ajorloo started having a seizure, and were dropped off few kilometers before the border with Iraqi Kurdistan. Of course the Turkish police were kind enough to give the five refugees a useful tip "If the Kurdish border guards start shooting, put your hands up and wave these white flags".

The five are now in Irbil. The UN at Irbil is about as useful as beauty make up on Debra Cagan. They are not allowed to leave the town and are extremely demoralized. 'We expected more from the international community. What have we done other than oppose the Iranian government?" Alemzadeh told me on the phone. "But I tell you something Potkin, at least the people in Irbil are ten times more humane and hospitable than the Turks. As comical as the UN here is, we are so grateful to the kindness of the local people. Many of whom were at one point refugees themselves and understand our plight."

Such is the true nature of bully Turks and their disregard for basic human rights. Do you want these Turks to be in Europe one day? No Thanks!

Tell the UN and the Turkish authorities what you think of their behaviour:
Turkish Embassy in London : +442073930202
UN Refugee HQ in Ankara : 00903124411696


Winston said...

Turkey is hopefully heading where Iran went in 1979. I want the entire region to endure what WE endured to realize how dangerous and terrible this disease of Islamism is.

مردم ترکیه لیاقتشون همین دولت اسلامی هست. خلایق هرچه لایق

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Columbia university can give them scholarships.

ayhan said...

azarmehr what is your hatred against turks and turkey? have we fckd your ass?are you jealous of turkeys developing economy and democrasy in contrariy to iran?

Azarmehr said...

Ayhan, I was trying to limit the inhumane nature just to the Turkish Islamist authorities in Van but perhaps I should have included Turks like you with such vulgar limited vocabularly as well.

I can understand why you have a limited vocabularly though, one can not expect much more from nomads.