Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some More Pics from Al-Quds and Counter Demo

Hezbollah supporters marcing past the counter demo.

One counter demonstrator got behind the Iranian regime supporters with a placard saying oppose Government of Iran - Support People of Iran :))

One poster that said it all :


saggezard said...

Where was this?

Azarmehr said...

In London. read the previous posts.

Javid Kurosh said...

salam aghaye azarmehr .
man shoma ro be bloge khodam davat mikonam va hamchenin azatun mikham in blog ro be dustanetun ham moarefi konid.

izad yaretan

Anonymous said...

This is great... I once did in 2005 here in Canada, and to my amazement, some stupid Iranian communists were with those Al-Quds guys and therefore I made sure they r angry enough to see me as an Iranian opposing them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we Iranians have better business than to bash Israel when we're doing a great job bashing our own people. Israel has a right to exist.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh about this dingy demonstrators. All of them deserve a chance to play in a bizarre movie. Look at the fat man behind the veiled woman (or is she a veiled man?) in the first picture or at the bearded man in front of the second picture. They are so absurd. And they are the Islamic elite!

Anonymous said...

How much more is our democracy going to be exploited by these unwanted guests?

Anonymous said...

For now we r the one on power and u lot can try pretending that u r opposing iran and palestine
HOw many were u any way 10-20
and how many where we 500?

Azarmehr said...


How many of you were Iranians??? How many of you were paid to come???

If you are so confident you will e in power for so long, why do you have to hide under some silly name liek ZAZ??