Sunday, February 24, 2008

Aryashahr Residents Shout 'Islamic Government we Don't Want'

Around 200 Aryashahr residents in Tehran reacted angrily, after a girl who was stopped by the Islamic Guidance units for inappropriate Hejab, resisted arrest. The Guidance units started beating up the young girl when she started resisting arrest and their brutality stirred the crowds who came to the girl's rescue.

Islamic Guidance units, faced with angry protests, drove away from the scene in a hurry, forgetting to take one of their colleagues, who was duly set on by the angry protesters. As the crowds got bigger and bigger, they started shouting "Islamic Government, We don't want, we don't want" which can be clearly heard on the youtube clip.

Watch the people spontaneously shout "Islamic Government, We don't want, we don't want"


Winston said...

مشت نمونه خروار هست. 200 نفر مشتی از خروار میلیونها ایرانی هست که این حکومت کثیف رو نمیخواهند

Anonymous said...

That was pretty interesting... but I'm not finding any info about it online. Can you point me in the right direction? When did this happen?


saggezard said...

These people just showed with their simple slogans and unity, they do not need to vote in a sham election to give legitimacy to a regime they do not consider of their own. I hope the mass media takes these sparks into consideration when reporting the upcoming elections. The regime is in an obvious effort trying to slow down the voting booths so the lines outside the elections offices look longer. They intend to make people wait around one hour to show large turnout. Is CNN, BBC and others going to take that into account?

Azarmehr said...

For Barmakid

You are probably not finding anything online because you are only looking on Western mass media news sites and asking Tritta(Salman) Parsi about it. We all know how well they have covered Iran related stories ;)

Bahramerad said...

Unless and until ordinary folks in the streets and in places if work do not stand up and proclaim and fight for their rights - I am afraid this sort of behaviour from the tugs of the Islamic republic of Idiots will go on.
What is needed is the understanding that this regime is not able to support and defend the rights of the Iranian people and has to be dismantled.
Either by civil disobedience or by force.
IRI is the one that has to make this choice.
We the people of Iran have made ours.
Down with Fascism.
Down with injustice.
Down with Islamic Republic of Bloody Fascist Idiots.( take note Tart Parsi, Bar man Kid etc.)

Anonymous said...

do not publish:

why was my comment not posted? are you censoring me? i'm not happy


Anonymous said...

The sweetest sound to any Iranian's ears!


With the end of this evil facist Islamic Republic will come the rise of the real Iran!