Saturday, February 16, 2008

They are Safe at Last

Remember the 5 Iranian dissident refugees who were beaten savagely by the Turkish police in the border town of Van and then dropped at the border with the Iraqi Kurdistan?

At last they are safe and finally been given asylum by a democratic European government. Arya (Abolfazl) Ajorloo, Ali (Mahan) Alemzadeh, Mojtaba Vatanpoor, Alireza Ranjbar and Pejman Piran's long years of suffering in the Turkish border town of Van and their almost daily ill treatment by the corrupt Turkish authorities has finally come to an end.

I wish them all good fortune in their new homelands and hope they will be good citizens who will positively contribute to their new host countries and communities.

My sincere thanks to our friends in the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran for the kind and generous hospitality they showed the five during their stay in Irbil.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news. Thanks.


Winston said...

Kurds... Wish the Iranian people do what Kurds do to free their land. Kurds are brave and sincere and I admire them a lot.