Friday, March 14, 2008

Hamas Denies the Rocket Route is through Egypt

Iranian daily, Entekhab, quoted Ahmad Yussef, Hamas's political adviser, denying to reporters in a press conference in Gazza that Iranian built rockets reach Hamas through intricate underground tunnels from Egypt. "Iranian rockets in fact reach us through the Mediterranean Sea" Yussef finished his statement with.

So no denial that Hamas's rockets come from Iran, just a question of how they reach Hamas :))

Even the Iranian daily can't hide its displeasure with Yussef's claim and finishes with this paragraph:
" سخنان این دشمنان دوست نما که روزگارشان با بیت المال ایرانیان سپری می شود، قرابت بیشتری با سخنان مقامات صهیونیسم دارد تا ایران.اما نکته مهم آن است که گروه حماس و اعضای بلندپایه اش از اعلام این دست اخبار چه قصدی داشته و چه هدفی را دنبال می کنند."

"Statements made by such enemies who pose as our friends and their daily lives passes with the hard earned money of the Iranian people is more in tune with statements made by Zionist officials. The important question however is, what is the intention of Hamas and its high ranking officials from making such statements and what purpose do they pursuit?"

Well that is the result of not making a sound judgement on what is in our national interest!


Winston said...

HAMAS is a terrorist organzation run/funded and trained by the criminal mullahs of Iran. Fortunately, HAMAS criminals are being killed by the Israeli forces for good and it will come a day when the criminal clerics of Iran will be tried for their crimes against their hostages which are the Iranians. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. It's a very significant admission. I detect a rift between Hamas and their Iranian bosses...Perhaps, this is a signal from Saudis to the Islamic Republic!


Anonymous said...

Hamas and their Iranian bosses? As if Hamas is not a natural political of byproduct Israeli oppression and instead some sort of Iranian concoction.

Winston said...

gosh, these commie-kid pisses me off... Israeli oppression? Sounds a lot like the mullahs mouthpiece to me.

Azarmehr said...

Hey Barmakid,

What happened, you were supposed to go to Iran and convince the Iranian women to take off their scarves at the ballot boxes!!

Perhaps it would have been more relaistic if you just went to Iran and filmed the empty polling stations.

Back to Hamas, so you think Hamas is a by-product of Israeli oppresion. Ok fine, but with Islamic Republic rockets. I mean even the senior political adviser to Hamas has admitted it. Do you have other information? Are the rockets supplied by Dalai Lama? A byproduct of the Chinese oppression?

Anonymous said...

Try not to be too funny Aziz:) I will be the first to tell you that the Iranian government shouldn't be spending our national wealth on things like that.

But we should ask ourselves if the rockets aren't actually Russian made being resold by the Iranians (the Russians wouldn't be caught dead selling weapons to Hamas, but they need money). Also, if it's not the Russians, are we building the rockets? If so, then this is a market for Iranian steel and other raw materials which gives jobs to Iranians that would otherwise be unemployed. That's exactly how the US military-industrial complex works.

And I wasn't going to Iran for the elections, I'm going in a few months - like I said. The hijab thing was just an idea I shared with sagg-e-zard. Why do you always have to attack me? Do you feel like you have to follow winston's lead.


Azarmehr said...

Hmm! I wish we did at least sell these rockets to Hamas and got some money from it and created jobs for our people etc. nice dreams as usual Barmakid, but Hamas doesn't have any money! What they have actually comes from IRI.

So let me reduce the problem so you can understand. Here is the reduced scenario even if they paid us for the rockets:

We give them a thousand dolloars, and say here you are we want to sell you some rockets too for $500. So from the thousand pounds we gave them originally, we receive $500, but the rockets cost us $2000 to make. So in reality we have given them $2500 and we got jackshit in return! No wonder there is so much unemployment in Iran, factories shutting down and workers not having paid for months, its run by businessmen like you!

What on earth happened to universities?

Anonymous said...

That's fine, you can take this one :) I'll admit defeat when it occurs. There is no sense in defending weapons sales to Hamas. Touche Azarmehr, Touche.


p.s. did you get my e-mail?

Azarmehr said...

Yes I did and sent you one back with the subject testing... it was not returned so I assumed you got it.

I shall be magnanimous, I know you like playing the devil's advocate :)

Anonymous said...


I will refrain from attacking you or calling you any names. I know we think very differently and hold very different views. But can you honestly tell me that the Israelis aren't oppressing Palestinians?

I'm not Jewish, I'm not Muslim, I'm not Palestinian, and I'm not an Arab; I have no emotional investment in the conflict, but my research clearly elucidates Israeli oppression. Just look at the death ratio: 300 to one - for every Israeli that dies, 300 Palestinians die!

If winston chooses not to answer, at least tell me you agree Azarmehr!


Azarmehr said...


Sadly I don't know enough about the Israel-Palestine conflict. It seems to me that a lot of people however become very opinionated about the subject just by watching a couple of news clips.

Here is my 2 cents however, and I am more than happy to be corrected by those who know more about the conflict.

Yes there are obviously abuses by the Israeli side. It would be unthinkable in a conflict on this scale for all Israelis to be pure and innocent. However Israel is a democratic state, and there are institutions and bodies in Israel through which abuses can be investigated and those found guilty can be punished.

I hear a lot of nonsense comparisons made by others about Iran and the countries in teh region, but let me make a comparison of Israel with states in the region.

Arabs in the neighbouring countries are not treated any better by their own governments.
In fact Israeli Arabs have more rights than their counterparts in other Arab states. Look at how Hamas abuses its own people. I recently for example watched Hamas lining up Fatah supporters against teh wall and killing them with much delight as if they were shooting at cardboard ducks in a fairground.

I met Bassem Eid, founder of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group a non-partisan organisation dedicated to exposing human rights violations by both the Israelis and Palestinians, in Rome. If someone like Bassem Eid tells me that the Israelis are more tolerant of his organisation when he exposes Israeli abuses than the Palestinian state when he exposes Palestinians, then I have to take notice of what he says.

Lastly, for a minute forget about who is right or who is wrong, and like me think about our national interest above all else.

We have no territorial dispute with Israel. Its not teh Israelis who want to rename the Persian Gulf, it is not the Israleis who want to take back the Iranian Islands and its not the Israelis who claim Iranian scientists like Avicena and Razi were Arabs. Israel has never invaded Iran. Based on national interest, whose side should we be on??

Anonymous said...


I respect your argument for someone who isn't all too familiar with the details of the conflict. I mean, your statements about Israeli "democracy" are not entirely accurate, though Israel does allow a high degree of freedom of press and expression. But I'm not in the mood to do the whole Israeli debate, so I'm just gonna stay quiet. What ticks me though is when people are all too familiar with the conflict and obscure it to a point that makes the Israelis look like victims.

And one point about the Iranian national interest. I would argue that it is not in our interest to support either side. But unfortunately, the IRI exploits this conflict to win the hearts and minds of their Arab neighbors. And they obviously have regional geopolitical objectives that encourages them to meddle in Arab politics (when they can) and promote Islamic unity.


Azarmehr said...


If there was any return on investment from supporting the armed groups against Israel, I would support it. However experience has shown no matter how much we help them they always stab us in the back. Look at all the help we gave Arafat. His pictures with Khomeini, when Karim Sanjabi of jebhe melli was the foreign secretary, are th eonly pictures of Khomeini I have seen laughing. Yet when Saddam invaded us, Arafat backed Iraq!

Few years ago there was an earthquake in West of Iran, the only buildings standing were th eones built by the Israelis during the Shah's time. In the Bam earthquake, Israeli NGOs offered their help but it was rejected. Did Hamas or Hezbollah offer any help?