Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Protest at Amnesty International Hosting Tritta Parsi

Iranian ex-pats including ex-political prisoners in LA protested at Amnesty International hosting Tritta Parsi. The youtube clip below shows the reaction by Iranians when they were told only AI authorised camera is allowed to film the event.

I think the audience rightly protested that all cameras should be allowed to film the event so that the public know what was being said in the meeting. I really can not understand why AI (LA Branch) wanted to ban other cameras from filming? After all this was a public event and it does not make sense for AI to have sole rights on reporting what was said!!

Tritta Parsi has always refrained from criticising human rights abuses in the Islamic Republic saying that the NIAC's role is not about highlighting human rights abuses. So why then speak at an AI meeting?

Watch the Iranian woman in the film who is calling the protesters Israeli lackeys!
As we say in Persian, "what has Mr. Goodarzi got to do with Mrs. Shaghayegh" :)


Anonymous said...

I must admit, I envy the Machivillian judiciouness of the NIAC people.

Now, they are Lobbying the human right's organizations to influence their efforts and policies in regards to human right's violation in the IRI by injecting their own false and unture narrative.(see Trita's post on

By cozying up to the human rights organizations' staff, they will make them to go easier on IRI's human rights records. Sure, it would be nice if the human right organizations were detached and objective, but the truth is that human rights activists are just human an easily swayed. When NIAC organizes a meeting with their attendance, the human rights activists participating in the meeting are bound to listen to NIAC's version of existing political views outthere in the Iranian community. Once they've decided which Iranian-American organization is their ally, it's hard to get them to change. To hell with the facts and reality...It's all in the delivery and PR camapaign...

The monarchists, MEK and Jebeh Melli, or whatever oppositions that are out there would benefit from studying the tactics that NIAC et al have launched to change hearts and minds of Americans in favor of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Winston said...

Trita Parsi and NIAC are mullahs lackeys and they are like crap! I mean, they're like piece of useless crap...

Anonymous said...

Soooo... was the guy in the black suit with a name tag Trita Parsi? I know we've spoken about him a lot, but I really don't know much about him besides the title of the books he wrote and that you guys intensely dislike him.

I thought that video was interesting. I wish there were events like that where I live. It's pretty lame over here; all we have is a "bonyad-e Islami va farhangi." And they always have these religious schmucks speaking in their Arab-Persian version of Farsi. It's unfortunate.

But did you notice something eerily similar about the guys chanting "death to the Islamic Republic" and the basijis who chant "deatht to America and Israel." There was just something uncivilized about that display; and leave it to disgruntled middle aged Persians to embarrass themselves like that.

I mean, wouldn't it have been smarter and better to ask Trita questions and corner him with words. Because, surely that episode served no purpose and benefited no one.

Just my thoughts :)


Azarmehr said...

Very much so. I believe the Iranian ex-political prisoners were there just to do that but the crowd reacted when they were told only one camera is allowed to report the event! Why?

Anonymous said...

Oh man that woman is so funny!

saggezard said...

The untold story is that there were Iranians who were prevented from entering the forum at all.

saggezard said...

Check this video on Youtube under search title: دانشجویان دانشگاه شیراز

Speech is cut and edited at time code 2:29 while the official is saying :

“…..inke arze hozoore shoma ke peygardhaye ghanooni alihe motehassenin (and cut to) in agar shoraye (and cut again) va enshalah ba nazare mosaed khahad bood peygiri in do nokteh ast……”

Exactly when he is starting to threaten action, his words and image are edited. Or perhaps it there was a camera problem?

Sohrab said...

Last weekend, I was involuntarily bumped off of a flight from Houston to Boston along with an Indian IT executive. Of course -- since we had hours to waste and Continental vouchers to spend on drinks -- we immediately turned our attention to world politics.

Eventually, the man made a comment basically about the Iranian national character. He said something to the effect that most Iranians only listen to their heart, which leads them to either absolutely love or absolutely hate others.

At the time, I was slightly insulted by this comment. I thought he was generalizing on a dubious basis. (Couldn't I have said "Indians only operate with their pockets in mind?" ...)

Anyhow to get to the point: watching this sad video reminded me of the Indian douche bag from the airport and made me think perhaps he was telling the truth. Wouldn't it have been better to calmly allow the forum to go forward and then rip Parsi a new asshole during the question and answer period. Getting that emotional only made him look good.

But, of course, it's understandable since the people who spoke up loudly were political prisoners of the regime. It must be infuriating to watch Parsi be provided with a podium bearing AI's name and logo.

As anonymous said, NIAC truly embodies Machiavellian prudence...

BTW: what kind of a name is Trita anyway?!