Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Embarassing Iranian Millionaire, Farhad Hakimzadeh

I was so embarassed to read in the UK papers today about the Iranian millionaire and the chairman of the Iran Heritage Foundation, Farhad Hakimzadeh, who with the help of a scalpel has managed to cut out numerous pages from 150 books in the British Library. Books that have been part of the British people's collection and heritage for centuries. Damn these uncultured Iranian wealthy illiterate apes who are a constant source of embarrassment to our community. How low can they get?

What Hakimzadeh has done, embodies the worst of the bazaari mentality and the attitude of the very wealthy Iranian ex-pats. Their greed and desire for self interest only, their lack of interest in benefiting the wider community, their disregard for opportunities to share cultural treasures with others. No wonder these Iranian millionaire ex-pats never fund any political activity and no wonder they are always so keen on mingling with their Islamic Republic connections, for they are only ever interested in one thing, self interest and promoting themselves.

I read this article by Peyvand Khorsandi on Farhad Hakimzadeh, a while ago. Only now I understand how well Peyvand described Hakimzadeh and the Iran Heritage Foundation:
a self-appointed arbiter of Iranian culture with little distinction outside the circles of rich illiterates among whom he shines, a Tarzan among apes.

Very well put Peyvand.


Anonymous said...

I've given up on Iranians. We just don't give a shit, and if some of us do, we don't know how to give a shit in a smart way.

We are aimlessly fractious and roiled. The only worthy group in this country, at least, is the NIAC. Everyone else can only criticize without offering up anything else. There is not a semblance of civility amongst Iranians, and it's very disappointing for someone at my age.

I know how much you hate the NIAC because of Trita, but you need to get over it. I will be working with them shortly, as I was impressed they raised nearly a half a million dollars for our humble President-elect, Barack Obama.

What other groups are out there that can display such influence? Maybe you didn't here about the conference they had a few days ago and the people who attended. I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines and trying to tolerate other peoples' views while Iranians like Winston continue to pollute the world with their bitter calumniation.

It is exactly people like Winston who fragmented the Iranian community in Houston. They couldn't tolerate having a bonyad islami va farhangi-ye Iran, no, it had to be strictly secular. They didn't want women wearing hijab, even though it was anyone's choice. So they split off and caused an enormous rift within the community (that included property and ownership battles). The religious faction pleaded to stay together, but somehow the shahanshahis thought they were all Islamic Republic cronies. What a joke.

So it's not Farhad that's embarrassing; it's the ignorant, uneducated, flag-waving shahanshahis.


Daniel Brett said...

What were the particular documents he was after? Did they have a high monetary value or did they hold such great meaning to him that he wanted to own them for himself? Or was he trying to erase parts of history he didn't like - this has not been unheard of. I don't think anyone who has a genuine interest in a country's history would steal important historical documents like this and keep them for himself. It's pathetic, whatever the motivation.

srcarranza said...

Your sentiment is commendable but you shouldn’t be embarrassed for what “Tarzan” did in your neck of the woods. Our forest is quite large and there are many Tarzans of every nationality running amuck, I assure you. In any case, we should all feel embarrassed for the worst of the human race, Iranian or not.
An embarrassed Mexican speaking-

Azarmehr said...


The Iranian Heritage Foundation is very similar to the NIAC, you could say its the UK version of NIAC, but I think such clubs suit you well. I am also not surprised that you don't think Farhad Hakimzadeh is embarassing, I actually think the two of you would get along fine.

I am sure you will shine like a Tarzan amongst the NIAC apes.

Azarmehr said...


I don't know what this piece of shit's motivations were but I can be 99% sure it was monetary, knowing what I know about his ilk.

Anonymous said...

NIAC is named as the Iranian lobby in Iran:

Newspaper, Aftab, recently published an interview with Trita Parsi and in the introduction, the editor wrote that NIAC is doing exactly the same activity as Amirahmadi, the only difference is that NIAC is more influential.

did you know that Iranian newspapers call NIAC the IRI lobby?

Aftab Newspaper August 5, 2008,

6- Among them, see the 6 following government controlled newspapers: Ghods:


Fars News:




Anonymous said...

The Iranian Web of Influence in the United States

..."In 1997, many US corporations, including Caterpillar and Xerox, came together and started to fight the ILSA (Iran Libya Sanction Act). This fight reached its summit in 2001 when the Act came back to the Congress for its renewal. It passed by a large majority in the Congress and the Senate, and was extended for years. In the midst of despair, Bob Ney came up with an encouraging and visionary idea:7
A year later, Ney's Iranian advisor, Trita Parsi, became the president of an organization called the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). As I have explained in detail,8 Parsi and his Iran based partner Siamak Namazi, unmasked a roadmap in 1999 to create an Iranian lobby in the US to influence the Congress.
To this date, NIAC has not diverted a bit from the roadmap. Namizi, along with his father, brother and sister, are notorious proprietors of numerous key enterprises in Iran facilitating the mullahs’ financial and business affairs. The NIAC’s role in lobbying for relieving pressure off Tehran’s rulers, under the disguise of empowering Iranian-Americans, is now well exposed. Even the Iranian pro-government newspaper Aftab, described these activities as the "Iranian lobby" acting as the regime's "unofficial diplomacy."10
In addition to this "classic" lobbying effort, mullahs have now focused on using the mafia web of businesses connected to them to influence the US policies towards their interests. Naturally, some American businesses which see financial benefits in dealing with Iran and entering Iran’s markets have not resisted lining up with Iran’s financial Mafia.
To recruit Iranian-American executives of the US companies as new members to its web, the Iranian regime, has undertaken a new initiative spearheaded by Siamak Namazi in Tehran. In June 2007, the newly founded organization called the "International Association of Iranian Managers (I-AIM) held a major workshop in Tehran.10
Abbas Maleki, the Iranian deputy foreign minister under Rafsanjani, advisor to the Supreme Leader and one of the chief organizers of Iranian lobby in the US, was one of the key speakers. Hassan Alaghband from Balli group was another key speaker and one of the main supporters of the event. Namazi is certainly a known figure in the Mullah’s lobby machinery in the West. Following the trails from this meeting leads to the discovery of the broadening web of influence of mullahs in the US involving some new players and many of the familiar faces of the Mafia web.11
The Iranian lobby in the US is financially fed by sources that are conspicuously tangled with Tehran’s interests. One jaw dropping example: Vahid Alaghband (the elder brother) is a major donor (among very few) and an "ambassador and supporter extraordinaire" of US based Parsa foundation.12 -13-14 This group has, in turn, been a principal financial supporter of NIAC in 2007. It is, indeed, a small world!
Certainly there is strong evidence than the Mullahs’ web of influence in the US, including a number of lobby organizations, business interests and pseudo-academics are hard at work to reduce pressure on Tehran and buy them time to pursue their aspiration to gain hegemony in the region and the world. The unavoidable end result may be a catastrophic war between Iran and the US. To prevent that war, we must stop the Iranian lobby and their American cohort enterprises. This is not the case of a smuggler helping a mullah get an airplane ride. This is a matter of national security and the interest of the Iranian and American people.
2- Bob Ney's plea agreement:
3- Iranian newspaper:
4- Iran versus Fouad ALzayat in British court
5- Vahid Alaghband's 11 month prison:
6- Vahid and Hassan Alaghband sentenced for fiduciary duties:
7- Ney told AIC in a June 2001 speech.
8- Iran's Oil Mafia:
9- Aftab Newspaper,
10- I-Aim 23-28nJune event:
11- I-Aim 23-28nJune event:
12- Parsa's major donors: roll/avicenna/?searchterm=vahid%20alaghband
13- Vahid Alaghband, Ambassador and … EVENING PROGRAM
14- Parsa donation to NIAC:

Anonymous said...

Who is this Barmakid? He wants to jooin NIAC to lobby for the Islamic Republic?

Do you live in the US?

Why don't you go back to Iran?
I'm sure you'll be given a cushy job as a leading propaganda chief for the IRI...

Anonymous said...

Lets get a few things straight about this story. First of all Hakimzadeh is a pretty harmless excentric. The reason so much has been made out of the story is that he is Iranian. If you go to the BBC story about him you'll see that there are plenty of others who have stolen alot more straight out of the collection of rare libraries including teh British Library and have had far less attention paid to them.

I know a little about rare books and manic bibliophiles (book collectors). Their obsession becomes such that they virtually cant stop the process of hording and trying to collect on their chosen subject matter. In Hakimzadehs case it was works on Persia that chiefly interested him. While he comes from a bazzari family that did well out of the revolution I dont think he is a danger to anyone just an embaressment to himself.

Hakimzadeh didnt steal for money. He is already a multi-millionaire. He stole because he is a manic collector and he let his mania get away from him. I certainly dont condone what he has done but bear a few things in mind.

(1) The real scandal is how the overpaid staff at the British Libraray allowed him to get away with this over a number of years. Clearly they dont have any worthwhile security around their collections.

(2) Perhaps the most important point from an Iranian perspective is the hypocritical tone of the reporting in this case. While condemning Hakimzadeh for Damaging Britain's cultural heritage - the Director of the British Library omits and every report omits to mention that British "gentlemen" over the last centrury have stolen Iranian's cultural heritage (as well as the cultural heritage of numerous other nations) and brought these back to the UK - for their own benefit and also to place within the British Museum. Some of Iran's most important cultural relics sit here in the UK and the British have no intention of returning these artifacts to their rightful owners.

Iranian patriots should contact the British newspapers reporting this and ask them to balance out their reports to mention the clear irony of the situation.

On a seperate point it looks like Daniel Brett - British Agent and Ahwazi seperatist is now commenting here - will he and his Arab accomplice Barmakid come clean about their anti-Iranian Imperialistic activities. Their latest wheeze is the break up of Iran through the creation of a Federal Iran. Cheshmeshoon koor.

We Iranian patriots are on your case. In fact Daniel Brett should be unmasked in an Article by you Azarmehr.

Finally it looks like Hossien Derkhshan has had to spend a day or so in prision in Tehran. Couldnt have been more deserved given the self serving Islamist rubbish he spews on his worthless blog. Like all bacheh Islamis Derakhshan now faces the fruits of his own support for Khomeinism. Great!

So all in all its been a good week for Iran - if not for one eccentric Iranian.

Winston said...

Low life scumbag. Why would he do that? What an idiot............

Azarmehr said...


Thanks for the info on Daniel Brett. I had no idea. I am sure you know how I feel about anyone who advocates any break up of Iran.

Daniel Brett said...

Absolute nonsense. I have never advocated the break-up of Iran nor am I a "British Agent". This nonsense was spread around by some far-leftists in the anti-war campaign trying to stir up problems - as they have done for many opponents of the Iranian regime. All I can say is that I publish under my own name, not as an anonymous person peddling rumour, absurd conspiracy theories and personal attacks. If Potkin or anyone else wants to speak to me or email me, I'm fully open to communication. There is nothing to "unmask".

Anonymous said...

Source Information on British agent Daniel Brett

Anonymous said...

more on the work of the arabist daniel brett

Anonymous said...

Daniel Brett why are you lurking around here after having spent much time at harry's blog trying to paint Iranian nationalists like Potkin as persian racists ... and after promting the seperation of Iran through a number of fake forgien backed organisations. Now that your dreams of destroying Iran and promoting the Arabist cause have turnede to dust what is your new game?

your agenda to destroy Iran

Anonymous said...

who is Kioumars?

Daniel Brett said...

If you want to debate the issues I am involved in, then I am up for it. But if you're only interested in silly name-calling, making unfounded claims and ascribing views to me that I do not hold and have never voiced, then I won't deign to give a response.

Anonymous said...

looks like Daniel Brett (our local James Bond though not Daniel Craig look alike) has had a hand in setting up all three of these parties:

I agree totally that the correct approach by all Iranians to the plans to seoperate Iran is set out in the last link - these traitors and their British organisers liek Daniel Brett should not be tolerated:

"While it is totally legitimate to struggle to bring a democratic government to Iran that will protect the social, political, cultural, and economical rights of all Iranians, the actions of the Democratic Solidarity Party of Al Ahwaz, Azerbaijani Societies of North America, and Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan have crossed an unacceptable line and moved into separatist movements that will not be tolerated by the Iranian people as a whole."

Harry Barnes said...

There is no need to publish this, but see items below for 22 November on "Trade Unions in Iran" and "Human Rights in Iran".

Harry Barnes said...

Urgent, see -

Anonymous said...

I had heard about this case about 2 years ago, I can't believe it takes so long for them to come to an end.

Poison said...

I would like to know your opinion on my opinion on the hakimzadeh story:

رضا said...

عاقبت گرگ زاده گرگ شود گر چه با آدمي بزرگ شود