Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Democracy Wins in US

As I have said before neither Obama nor McCain have impressed me with their knowledge of Iran or with their policies on how to handle the Islamic Republic.

What a joy it is however to live in a democracy, where you can change your leader with your vote, without fearing any consequences. A privilege worth fighting for.
The fact that a dark skinned man with a Muslim name and a broken home can become a US president proves democracy provides opportunities for all.


Anonymous said...

"Democracy", for the most part...

Jennifer Brunner, Secretary of State of Ohio, employed tactics this election cycle that belong in no democratic state. Sitting on unmatched, many of which were likely to be fraudulent, voter registrations was a failure to perform her duties as Secretary of State and a failure to uphold democracy. If such actions are allowed to go unreprimanded, it might be time to put a shelf life on democracy in this country.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud...

Anonymous said...

barmakid >
r u proud enough to wear a uniform in Obama's Revolutionary Guard Corps? It's coming - he's already hinted at it.
Or maybe you would rather volunteer for his paramilitary group - like baseej - that will report on your neighbors.
Maybe your eyes were too glazed over and u missed these things when he mentioned them in his speeches.
Enjoy -

Azarmehr said...


Re Jennifer Brunner. I have no knowledge of what you are saying but I am not doubting you. Whenever you see a breach of democracy such as this, you should do all you can to encounter it. Principles of democracy are the most fundamental and worth fighting for, as I am sure you realise yourself.

Anonymous said...

yikes, you can't be serious? Did he really say those things!? How can we change the outcome of this election? WE can't. Oh well, I guess I'll have to be an American baseeji fightin those gosh darn terrorists.

you fool

Hanif Leylabi said...

Yeh, George Bush's election was incredibly democratic wasn't it... And the US government has a great record on civil rights...

Obama is an apologist for Israel, anti gay marriage and has voted for draconian immigration controls. He's no friend of ordinary people. But hopefully the social movement which helped elect him can organise itself and develop itself and force him to deliver change.

Azarmehr said...

Well both Bush and Obama are a lot better than your child murderer hero, Mr. Lenin, Hanif.

Anonymous said...

And Bush hasn't murdered children through his decision to invade Iraq? OR his approval of the botched Israeli campaign into Lebanon in 2006. In fact, if one didn't know any better, one would have thought that mission was launched in order to kill Arab children. Both of these wars were purely political wars propelled by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

And how about the past Shah's of our nation? I'm sure they've never killed children and their families (sense the sarcasm).

Don't ever put George Bush in the same camp as Barack Obama.

And Hanif,

You must understand that your criticisms of Obama are of a foreign nature; you live in the UK. Though they are valid criticisms, Americans are not so worried about those things as they are about our Tax structure, economy, and and other domestic issues. This was a domestic election and Obama was elected for Domestic reasons.

be salamat,

Sohrab said...

Amen Potkin.

Winston said...

He bought the election through fraud and money. I have no respect for Sen. Hussein Obama and never will.

Azarmehr said...


There is a difference between children being killed in a conflict, as tragic as it is, and a cold blooded murder, when you specifically order the execution of infants for no reason other than being Tsar's children.

Let me give you an example, after India's indepndence over a million people were killed in religious revenge killings, many children/babies were hacked to death by religious zealots on both sides, Should you conclude that India should have never gained independence or Ghandi was responsible for the death of those children?

And if you think the Lebanon was two years ago was launched to kill Arab children, then you really have your facts twisted.

Anonymous said...

in democracy ppl vote anonymous. no one tracks who votes for who. do u talk democracy only when u like it? do u question when comment is anonymous but u like it? i dont think so. do u have to know who comments when ur own potkin azarmehr isnt ur real name? do u think ur thinkin is different to khameni? if u dont like ppl comment anonymously change ur blog options to only who are registered bloggers. how do ppl know half of anonymous comments arent your own to get attention to ur blog?

Anonymous said...

Barmakid -
"Don't ever put George Bush in the same camp as Barack Obama."

LoL. You got that right!
In fact, looking at all the retreads, you can put Obama in the Clinton camp. Looks like half his administration is going to be ex-Clintonites.
Oh happy days are here again.
So when can we expect the next 911?

Anonymous said...


Your right. I 'm kind of disappointed that all the these Clintonites are being hired in his administration. I mean, I can understand Rom Immanuel - he's a shark and can get things done. But I'm willing to wait and see what happens before I pass any judgment.


I said, "If one didn't know any better...." about the Arab children thing. Come on, we all know that was a US proxy war with Iran.


p.s. President Barack HUSSEIN Obama doesn't give two shits about your respect. Maybe you can go back to Canada and have some Tea with Steven Harper and discuss you all's bankrupt politics and philosophy. You're generation is becoming increasingly meaningless, like your posts.

Anonymous said...

fuck you kido

Anonymous said...

LoL. Rite on kido anon is busy in Colorado with clitonites,,,, dont ya vote 4 \\\'em next time!

Anonymous said...

kido is a moron

Hanif Leylabi said...


Yep. He's a lesser of two evils. But neither himnor his Party offer muchhope. Look at the wave of hope Clinton was elected on. He attacked welfare and immigrants and extended the death penalty!