Monday, November 03, 2008

Kordan's Boasts of His Time at Oxford University

The Kordan saga refuses to go away, despite Ahmadinejad's interior minister's admittance that his PHD from Oxford was a fake and fraud, he managed to win the Majlis (Islamic Parliament) vote of confidence. It has now been revealed that 135 MPs were bribed to vote for Kordan to remain in Ahmadinejad's cabinet.

President Ahmadinejad once again supported his interior minister, saying 'So what if his PHD was a fake, he has served this regime for 30 years'.

Kordan's fake PHD has become the subject of the most popular jokes in Iran today. Kordan's former students have also lodged a complaint citing how on numerous occasions, Kordan boasted about his studies at Oxford, often saying 'You haven't been a student until you have been at Oxford' :))

Good luck to Obama or anyone else if they wish to negotiate with these lot.


Anonymous said...

Listen, it's not necessary to denigrate Obama while you write about some of the most insignificant nonsense. He has nothing to do with Kordan. I know you heard a lot of bullshit from these people throughout the decades, but seriously, it's time to get over it. No one is foolish enough to believe these guys aren't hypocritical and detached. There are more important things to discuss.

But apparently you, on the other hand, are as foolish to believe that the USA shouldn't talk to Iran. Get over your resent, it ends up looking childish.


p.s. The UK can only imagine having a President like Obama, instead you've got the two most lackluster leaders in the world: David Cameron and Gordon Brown.

Azarmehr said...

Obama too will realise that talking with these people is a waste of time but it will take 2-3 years before he does, and that will just give IR more time to drag its feet.

Remember when Albright tried to be reconcilliatory and apologised for the 1953 coup to the mullahs, the people who helped bring Mossadigh down, not only it did not result in any thing, IR then tried to sue US :)))))

Anonymous said...

That's a completely different situation that really isn't worth anything. The US wasn't bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan at the time. They had a choice during Albright's tenure. They don't have a choice today. And its about time things started to CHANGE - a lot of good can come from renewed Iranian-American relations, even if its only security cooperation.

Stop trying to make Iran the Cuba of the Middle East. Your people don't want to be sanctioned, they don't want to go through hell to get a student visa, or just a normal visa. They don't want to be fingerprinted when they come to the United States. They want to live a human life undiluted by tit-for-tat politics.

These are the things that matter to them, not Albright's naivete or Kordon's duplicity.

be salamat,

Azarmehr said...

Well Europe tried 'critical dialogue' for three decades and it didnt get anywhere. Jack Straw concluded talking to IR was like haggling in a Bazaar, you order a table and it would come without any legs, and I remember there were some people like you who wanted to speak on behalf of the South African people during the APartheid years, saying sanctions hurt the people of South Africa etc. At the end it was sanctions that made Apartheid crumble.

I am not pro-Castro, in fact I am not pro anyone who remains in power for more than 10 years and then chooses his brother or son or some other relative to replace him, but I doubt even in Cuba, if a government official/academic person so obviously lied about his qualifications, would get Castro's support and protection and Castro's office try to bribe the parliament members with $5000 each!

IRI is a disgrace in every way, no one should give it any legitimacy.

Daniel Brett said...

It can happen anywhere. Iranians are not uniquely vain. Go and look at the academic credentials of Northern Ireland's most senior politician, "Dr" Ian Paisley.

Hidden Author said...

Azarmehr: I am not pro-Castro, in fact I am not pro anyone who remains in power for more than 10 years and then chooses his brother or son or some other relative to replace him

Hidden Author: But haven't you expression admiration for the Pahlavi shahs?

Azarmehr said...

Did Ian Paisley also teach at a university?

Azarmehr said...

That is true I have expressed admiration for Reza Shah the Great, who was around 70 years ago.

Anonymous said...

How can you still flaunt your support for Reza Shah after you said, "I am not pro-Castro, in fact I am not pro anyone who remains in power for more than 10 years and then chooses his brother or son or some other relative to replace him?"

I think we have our own Ali Kordon in our midst:)


Azarmehr said...

Obviously Reza Shah must be so special for me to break that rule ;)

Anonymous said...

I bet a lot of people thought Hitler was special too, or Mussolini, or Lenin...

Daniel Brett said...

"Did Ian Paisley also teach at a university?"

"Rev" "Dr" Ian Paisley set up his own little empire: his own political party, his own religious establishment, his own newspaper and headed a government. There are these kind of people in politics throughout the world. Unsurprisingly, politics attracts vain people.

Azarmehr said...

Daniel Brett

There is a difference here. Kordan tried to associate himself with a credible educational institution like Oxford university, Paisley on the other hand obtained his PHD from American Pioneer Theological Seminary, which is not recognised as a credible educational institute to award PHD. Kordan's act is fraud and Paisley's PHD does not carry much academic weight, there is a difference here.

Kordan should be jailed for fraud where as Paisley's PHD should not be taken seriously.