Monday, April 05, 2010

Where Else Does the Police Throw Stones at Peaceful Protesters?

It is known as Sizdeh Bedar, thirteen days after the Iranian New Year, Nowruz, Iranians collectively go for a picnic to parks and into the nature to celebrate the ancient reverence our forefathers held for the environment and nature. It is a family picnic and everybody tries to enjoy the last day of the New Year holidays before they go back to schools and start work again.

The footage below shows Sizdeh Bedar - 02 April - in Oroumiyeh, North West Iran. This is not even a political anti-government demonstration, a few peaceful environmentalists are making an appropriate peaceful gathering to raise awareness about the dangers of Oroumiyeh Lake drying up on this traditional day for nature. The gathering hasn't even started yet but straight away the regime's forces armed with clubs and truncheons and protected! by shields and helmets start attacking the environmentalists and throw stones at them while families grab their children and run away to safety.

This is what a tyranny is all about. It does not matter what the gathering is about, a dictatorship fears any gathering of people. During the Gaza conflict, a few Iranian women known as Mothers for Peace came on the streets to support the Palestinians and they were beaten away by the regime's thugs. It does not even matter to a dictatorship what people in a gathering want, if it is not controlled and directed by the regime, it fears it and violence is the only reaction it knows.


Neda Mehregan said...

The IR is now in the hands of the military (Sepah) and the country is run according to the rules of martial law.

A minority group of the lowest possible form, have taken control of the oil and with the money they have, they think they can do anything. That includes attacking peaceful gatherings, arresting writers and human rights defenders, torturing innocent victims in their jails.

It is no longer about religion, it's about power and as we know absolute power corrupts. However the Iranian people will not accept this situation for ever. There will be changes, it's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...


blah blah have no evidence to back up your ridiculous claims.

last I checked, Iran is the only country in the Middle East other than Israel that actually has a viable democracy.

Go to hell. You're a liar and a traitor to your people. You're a stain on Iranians.

Waybec said...

Never have a seen a Police force act like spiteful children... But a moronic or monstrous mentality in uniform is the best this regime can now only muster! Surely the common sense psyche of the decent Iranian people won't put up with this intolerable and insane situation much longer!

Azarmehr said...


Last I checked Israel allowed protesters march against the Israeli government even during the Gaza conflict. Here is the evidence in front of your eyes, a small group of peaceful demonstrators with their wives and children trying to raise awareness for the survival of Oroumiyeh lake and the police throw stones and sticks at them regardless of who they might hit.

You can see even the bystanders start shouting bisharaf at the police which is just what the likes of you are, bisharafs and a stain on humanity

saggezard said...

Kyrgyzstan's opposition protesters know how to kick butt. The people by lake Rezaieh should learn from the Kyrgyz people: ambush, subdue and disarm the bastards.

Azarmehr said...


I never suggest what should be done in Iran and always just try to support what people do, but I honestly think that what happened in Kyrgyzstan will set the example in Iran too. The regime has shown that it will not budge by peaceful protests.