Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Massacre in Syria

The brutality of the Syrian regime, the courage of the Syrian people!

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Waybec said...

So these are the three 'great voices' who stand up against Palestinian oppression eh?
Nasrallah - who assassinates political opponents and pulls the plug on Lebanese democracy for fear of being indicted in Rafik Hariri's murder!
Khamenei - who cheats the Iranian people out of any path of democracy by turning it into a more brutal and theocratic police state!
And now Assad of course - no doubt aided and assisted by the other two, to machine gun down the fight for Syrian democracy in the streets!
Yep - the great triumvirate of resistence eh? In other words the 3 murderous bull-shitters who have also actively de-stablised the Gaza strip just so's they can still sit on their own fat,farcial and hypocritical thrones! Even rotting in jail would be too kind for them!