Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Killing Fields of Syria

The footage is hard to watch and not weep, but it must be shown around the world as the testimony of the criminal regime of Bashar Assad. This is a regime which is firing non stop machine gun rounds at its own people, young and old are gunned down and not even children are spared. It is total war against a courageous noble people who are saying 'we do not want Bashar's one party rule any more'.

Yet, you will not see this footage on Press TV. You will not see Stop the War marching in the streets or protesting outside the Syrian embassy like they did with Egypt. The likes of Lindsey German and John Rees are not saying a word, for they are scared they will soon lose another one of their beloved allies. Galloway will no rant about it. They are all bemused as why the Syrian people do not want a lifelong hereditary dictator any more?


Waybec said...

Assad is finished! And once this murderous dictator is also overthrown, it will be the biggest knot in the noose also around Khamenei's/Ahmadinejad and the whole stinking IRI's neck too! Already they are kicking and squealing at the end of the rope with their desperate attempts of an Islamic Awakening - Bahraini hyprocrisy and an anti-western rhetoric against their mafiaso style theocratic tyranny! From Press TV to it's well-paid off British sycophants and corrupt ministers in the IRI, their stain of shame is now palpable. They now all sense that they are on a loosing battle I think? For true justice, liberty, democracy and equality is finally catching up with them all to expose and blacken their pretenious grandstanding heads in the annuls of decent human rights history!

Hidden Author said...

Do you include the rebels of the Muslim Brotherhood as part of the "courageous noble people"? Remember they're Syrians too and they're also against Assad!

Ali said...

Good post Azarmehr, freedom and peace to all people of the Middle-East. From the Persians to the Arabs.

Lets hope for a secular and free region.



Waybec said...

P.s.. Well while the Basiji mouthpiece of Press TV condemns the brutal killing of a Bahraini protester of the 'Saudi backed regime'. They literally skate over the IRANIAN backed Syrian troops machine gunning down hundreds of people in the streets. Yes, granted, America and the EU shouldn't play deaf, dumb and blind over oil! The despotic dynasty of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have definitely had their corrupt day. But the whole point is - People fighting for true liberty and justice have had enough of either Cowboy corporate greed hypocrisy and theocratic facist hypocrisy! The third way IS a higher ethical imperative that either side of the rotten coin just deliberately ignores! But of course for now it just goes on and on... The high powered propaganda thugery in this world who just play God or pretend God is on their side, just for the sake of plundering mineral wealth or spreading their geo-strategic influence... Therefore, long live the true pure voice of the people I say!

Anonymous said...

in Iran and Syria, there is liberty. The people there are free too.
but you express your opinions as the Americans and the Israelis. so you are not free men, and therefore you must not talk about freedom. America and Israel are enemies of Iran and Syria. you too!

free arabs