Sunday, October 30, 2011

Former Founder of the Islamic Republic Warns the Tunisian People 'Don't make the same mistakes as we did'

Ebrahim Yazdi is in his eighties now, but three decades ago, he was instrumental in bringing about the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was always seen next to Ayatollah Khomeini during the Ayatollah's stay in Neauphle-le-Chateau, helping to conduct and translate Ayatollah Khomeini's numerous interviews with the Western media. Yazdi also accompanied Ayatollah Khomeini on his flight back to Iran and became the deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister in the first provisional government after the revolution.

During the terror months of the post-revolution era, some say Yazdi even presided as the judge in the revolutionary kangaroo courts that summarily executed thousands of people accused of being part of the Shah's regime and some say that Yazdi and Bazargan supported a general amnesty. In any case Yazdi was seen in many summary trials like in the footage below, sitting on the left telling General Rahimi to order the surrender of his men:

As always however, revolution devours its own children and as the clerics consolidated their power in the aftermath of the US embassy hostage taking, Yazdi's fall from favour also became inevitable. The clerics no longer felt they needed to fool the population with their useful idiots. Unlike their promises before the revolution, they were not going back to the mosques and letting the politicians do the dirty work of politics and government. Once intoxicated with power, they wanted to rule alone and many more internal purges were ahead.

Yesterday, Yazdi now in his eighties and perhaps somewhat wiser than three decades ago, wrote an open letter to Rached Ghannouchi, the Islamist leader of Hizb Al-Nahdah which won the recent election in Tunisia, advising him not to make the same mistakes made by Yazdi and his generation of Iranian revolutionaries in 1979.

In the letter Yazdi says "We overthrew a dictator only to replace one dictatorship with another" and asks Ghannouchi to safeguard three important principles in order for the Tunisian revolution not to become another failed revolution:
1 - To respect, accept and encourage pluralism
2 - To be tolerant of different views
3 - To apply co-operation and compatibility amongst the different political factions

I never thought one day I would help disseminate the words of someone like Ebrahim Yazdi, but the words of a former revolutionary Islamist who helped bring about the Islamic Republic in Iran will perhaps have more mileage amongst Tunisia's Islamists than mine.

Perhaps the Iranian Left should also now pull their fingers out and start educating Europe's Left about how the Leftists in Iran were destroyed and massacred by the very people they helped bring to power.


nehad ismail said...

Good advice, but I would add the total seperation between religion and state i.e a Secular State where all religions are respected.

Waybec said...

The human psyche is such that if you deny the fruit on the tree for long enough, there's a mad rush glut when you're finally free to pick it. Much is the same with religion thriving through persecution. Of course the Tunisian's are free to vote how they like. That's democracy... I personally don't agree that personal faith should ever become a knee jerk political body. But unlike what happened in Iran, let's just hope the Tunisan's can spot the greedy hidden worm before it rottens the whole apple!

Juniper in the Desert said...

Have you seen this mind-boggling hypocrisy?

Nambag said...

Let's not forget that there is a court and arrest order for Ebrahim Yazdi in the British courts for his crimes against humanity at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, which was issued against him a few years ago just before his aborted visit to the UK to give a lecture on "Islamic Democracy".

Anonymous said...

Ebrahim Yazdi has the blood of thousands of Iranian patriots on his hands. you have no business promoting the views of a cut throat killer and looter like him. Even when he is condemning the system that he brought to power with callous butchery. Yazdi is headed to hell. till he gets there the less we hear from him the better.