Friday, November 25, 2011

This is Islamic Iran

This is Islamic Republic! Three decades after the 1979 Islamic revolution which was supposed to rid Iran of all social malaise, what is left of the revolution is just the fancy slogans. A total failure in all fronts. The dangerous cocktail of mixing religion and politics now awaits the other countries in the Middle East.

Today is the anniversary of the state murder of Iran's great historian and literary figure, Ali Akbar Saeedi Sirjani.  A great visionary who through his works warned the nation of the terrible consequences of a religious dictatorship.

"When religion and state intertwine
A mighty power will emerge
Capable of doing wrongs with ease
That not even the King would dare"

From his great work, The Cleric of Duplicity

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b@rdia said...

Well done dear potkin, and as you see the new pattern of IR is on the table for all middle east, but the big question is remained that why the oil is so important yet where the green energies are replaced.
In my opinion, they need more wars to sell more weapons.