Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UK Embassy Attack

Often pictures speak louder than words.
The flag of the Islamic Republic replaces the Union Jack in the UK Embassy compound, albeit upside down. Sign of things to come?

Down with English!

Pulp Fiction poster, probably the biggest gain from yesterday's action:

Yesterday's hero, hiding behind the prize booty:

Riot police putting up a stiff resistance against the looters

This is the same riot police which crack downed so efficiently on thousands of  Iranian protesters after the June elections in 2009.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Interesting the Islamic republic flag upside down: hopefully a sign of what will happen to this regime!! BTW, the Brits ask for this: they have pandered to the regime for so long, allowing the invasion and hate-rally known as annual Al Qods march in London and allowing IRGC to intimidate and attack Iranian expats here! When they suddenly change tack they only have themselves to blame!

Anonymous said...

The opposition groups in London must get together and give these agents of the murderous regime the kind of send off they desreve. All those Mercs with diplomatic number plates must be confiscated and sold for the benefit of Iranian refugees. Press-Tv should be shut down too.

Winston said...

As a dissident I am sorry for the UK's embassy invasion. However the British governments for years have appeased the Iranian regime. Labour and Tory alike have been appeasing the Mullahs. Europeans are seen as Iranian regime's allies.

Anonymous said...

Other embassies may be closing in Iran according to Washington Post and I suspect this makes more likely a vote to shut off Iranian oil imports to the West. That could add to the regime's economic woes.

Excerpt from Washington Post:

European ambassadors in Tehran had a long meeting Wednesday in which the options of withdrawing heads of missions and even closing all European embassies in Tehran were debated, said a European diplomat who asked to remain anonymous. One diplomat had visited the British Embassy grounds to search for the British ambassador’s dog, which was found. The diplomat said damage to the buildings was extreme.

“The place had been systematically ransacked, paintings were destroyed and furniture was broken,” the diplomat said. “We have concluded that the attack had been extremely well coordinated by the authorities,” he said.

Iran’s leaders apparently made a deliberate decision to allow groups of young men armed with sticks to pillage the diplomatic compounds Tuesday and briefly detain six embassy staffers.


At Enduring America, an article identifies one high Basilj official and what appears to be a top IRCG Quds officer (Special Forces) involved in the demonstration. EA has circled their faces in red. You can clearly see a mullah is among the demonstrators. Toss in the encouragement of such attacks by Khamenei's hard-line supporters in parliament, plus praise for it by so many top regime officials afterewards.

This regime is going to be held accountable for outlaw behavior and it will be costly. A news outlet associated with Ahmadinejad has also praised the attack, indicating that--whatever arguments he may have on the mullahs--both factions are as "tight" on this one as they were on election day and afterwards.

Like the recently disrupted attack in Washington, this is another bone-headed scheme by a hard line regime at the worst possible time. It's as stupid as the blatantly rigged election. These thugs think they can get away with anything and people won't notice.

A MESSAGE TO IRAN'S CENSORS: Don't worry about EA's analysis of the photos. Even if you could filter them, they are all over the internet now and in the offices of many western governments. Everyone knows the Basilj are directly controlled by the Supreme Leader and couldn't act without his permission. The same has been true when, dressed in plain clothes, Basilj and Hezbollah types beat up moderate clerics and trash their homes and mosques. Everyone knows who is the MAIN MAN behind it all.

Anonymous said...

Khamenie wants war:

Anonymous said...

Press TV is mere propaganda for Iran. It must close

Anonymous said...

Rats are leaving: