Thursday, November 08, 2012

Blogger Sattar Beheshti is Confirmed Dead

Iranian blogger, Sattar Beheshti, was buried yesterday in Rabat Karim cemetery. Close relatives who were allowed to attend the burial, said they managed to see a glimpse of Sattar's face, as he was buried. Islamic Republic security agents watched over the burial.

There was a glimmer of hope that Sattar had not died but that hope was dashed away as his family confirmed he was buried.

Another hero is fallen and the evil still prevails in Iran.

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Kayhan Nejad said...

Thank you for both this post and the one before it. The Iranian people are indeed dealing with "illiterate thugs," as only these sorts of people could fail to see through Khamenei's insane corruption and hypocrisy.

Beheshti's death is a tragedy. It seems that, whenever a bright mind shows promise in Iran, the regime must do its best to quash him/her. They know too well that strong, independent voices from Iranian intellectuals challenge their ancient worldview, and they can't let that happen.