Monday, November 26, 2012

New Icon for Western "Progressives"

I would like to introduce a new heroic icon, Hojat-al-Islam Panahian, to the Western "progressive" intellectuals who admire the Islamic Republic as the beacon of the struggle against US imperialism.

It is said that Panahian is one of two people in Iran, whose words can be regarded as the very words of the Supreme Leader himself and this tireless cleric was speaking at the Tehran university five days ago.

In his inspiring speech to the university students he made the following avantgarde statements:

"They say our youth in universities must be mixed, yet in America itself they separate boys and girls with a curtain on the buses and say we are not animals to have sexes mixing together"

"See how evil the Zionists are? they kill human beings in the worst possible ways, but in their peak of hideousness they have an institution called Hollywood and Hollywood too wants to destroy human beings. Zionists even refer to humans as 'two legged animals'"

"It is haram for the appearance and facial features [of the faithful] to resemble that of the non-believers, when wearing a suit became fashionable in Iran, we didn't have a strong clergy otherwise it should have been declared haram from the start for sure"

"I have no idea why the house prices rise as more multi-storey buildings go up? We have many narratives that say get as close as you can to earth at night time."

"Over sleeping is from drinking too much and drinking too much is the result of over eating. Hence you can not pray, you become more atrocious at heart, your ability to think is reduced. They asked Ayatollah Behjat what can one do to sleep less and he replied sleep while sitting. His son showed me a chair and said that is his sleeping chair"

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Waybec said...

The absolute proff that Darwin didn't get it all right then! For here must be the clear evidence that not all Human Beings evolved past the state of being a baboon! But hey - since this Stalin Khamenei Stooge is obviously a well paid off Planet Of The Apes cleric - spouting off his utter inanities and insanities, why do I feel like I've just insulted the poor baboons! Tut, just when will this total farce of oppressive hypocrisy and a monkey mad theocracy ever end!!!