Friday, November 02, 2012

Is the German Ambassador in Iran for Real?

Here is a state TV report about the recent visit to Iran by the German delegation. While members of the German delegation seemed camera shy and shunned talking to the state TV cameras, the German ambassador to Iran was more than happy to oblige. In fact he seems to go the extra mile and praise the religious tolerance in the Islamic Republic!

Is the German ambassador for real? Is he really not aware of the religious apartheid in Iran? Does he not know that in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the rights of a citizen is based on his or her religion? That a citizen's religion, can exclude him or her from many professions and official posts?

Does the German ambassador to Iran even realise that some religious minorities like the Bahaiis don't even have any rights in Iran, and that they can not receive higher education? 

Does the German ambassador to Iran know where he is? It may be that what he said is reported differently by the state TV, but then again the ambassador should know better that the state TV will only broadcast what they can use as good propaganda and if he is mis-reported, he should put the record straight.


Waybec said...

Just like the hubris well paid off egos of useful idiots, I really do believe that there is also an Islamic Republic cartel that handsomely pays off various branches of the media and polititians to turn a deliberate blind eye to the true nature of Iran's theocratic tyranny. Like I've always said - why do the airy-fairy voices of the deliberately ignorant get the main stage, whereas those who try to truly expose the obscene criminal corruption and hypocrical horrors of Khamemni's Gestapo party get waved off to the sidelines. The IRI may constantly complain about Zionist interferrence, but don't be surprised when factions of the Mullah mafia are also ultimately exposed at having done secret back hand deals with prominent public voices in the West!

Anonymous said...

The ivory tower "liberal" left wingers are always the same.

They heap praise upon other cutlures and tolerate things they would never dream of at home, whilst in our own countries, they become ever more petty and controlling over tiny things - e.g. allowing people to be sued for offending the sensibilities of others.

Pipsqueaks like these, who can't face the big issues but go mad on the small ones, need to be ejected from politics forever.