Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Will Mashaei Reveal More?

When writing the last post "They Deceive, and to Appease God, they Pray”, I wasn’t quite sure who the Maddah [Shiite Mourning Ceremony Eulogist] in the vulgar audio I was writing about was, so I started listening to some of the other Iranian celebrity Eulogists whose video and audios are available on the internet. I think I can now say with 99.99% certainty it is the voice of none other than the Supreme Leader’s favourite eulogist, Haj Saeed Haddadian.

Here is the audio file of Haj Saeed Haddadian, when he spearheaded the attacks against Ahmadienjad’s Chief of Bureau and father of his bride,  Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei. In this audio, Haddadian describes Mashaei as the "penis of Ahmadinejad" and asks God to help him kill Mashaei that very night.

And with a huge apology to the Persian speaking readers, the vulgar audio file that was spread round the internet can be heard below. The voice and even the laughters and the delivery is all the same. This audio which is said to be secretly recorded and released on the internet, may well have been done so by Mashaei’s supporters and may be the first of many more in Mashaei-Ahmadinejad’s arsenal of embarrassing revelations of the rival factions for power bartering purposes in the next few months.

In the above audio file, the person who sounds very much like the Supreme Leader’s most favourite Eulogist, Saeed Haddadian, ridicules just about anything which is sacred in the Islamic Republic system, in front of a boisterous private party crowd using the most x-rated language.

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