Sunday, February 03, 2013

Freedom to Choose to Wear the Veil

Aljazeera report, earlier this week, showed a Kosovan girl, Njozma Jashari, who was expelled from her school for choosing to wear the headscarf at school. The report also showed her classmates and friends refusing to attend their lessons in a show of solidarity for Njozma Jashari’s right to choose to wear the hijab.

People should be free to live according to their spiritual beliefs or choose not to be spiritual, so long as others are not harmed. A schoolgirl choosing to wear the headscarf is not harming anyone and she should not be expelled from her school on that basis alone.

So kudos to Njozma’s classmates who stood up for her, but I wish there were examples of veiled women who would stick up for the rights of those women who do not wish to wear the veil but are forced to do so.

Njozma's classmates rightly stood up for their friend's right to wear the veil but would women who wear the veil stand up for the rights of those who choose not to wear the veil?

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