Friday, February 08, 2013

Islamic Republic’s Mafia Elite

Iran's post-election protests in 2009 were a perplexing puzzle for Europe's Champagne Socialists. "Why would the Iranian population pour into the streets against a regime which is fighting the bad West that supports Hezbollah and Hamas? Why would they chant, 'Neither Gaza and nor Lebanon, I Die Only for Iran?' " The Left asked themselves in 2009.

As with all ideologues, when a phenomena does not fit within the framework of their ideology, they simply invent fantasy justifications. "It must have been the affluent Iranians protesting!" was the idealogical rationalisation of these la-dee-da Leftists who wouldn't recognise a working class man if they ever met one.

George Galloway dismissed the protesters in Iran as "North Tehran affluent kids" and Stop the War which was outside the Egyptian embassy every day during the protests against Hosni Mobarak, sided with IR stooges in CASMII and thought the protesters in Iran were simply "bourgeoise dissidents".

Of course, none of their nonsense was true. The post-election protesters in Iran were in fact mainly lower middle-class and working classes of Iran, it was a protest by decent courageous people who were standing up against a terrible tyranny and the super rich elite in Iran feared the collapse of the system, which has allowed them to become over night billionaires, most.

One of the figures which was identified during the protests and I wrote about him back then, was the gun wielding man on the back of a motor bike, chasing the protesters, Hassan Mir-Kazemi, seen in the picture below.

Mir-Kazemi is the head of the Baseej in Al-Haadi Mosque in Shams Abad, Tehran and also the proprietor of World of Metal factory in Karaj. I also showed a document which showed he had taken an unsecured loan worth 175 Million Dollars for his three factories from the Bank of Agriculture without returning a penny on the loan.

After last Sunday's fracas at the Majlis between Ahmadinejad and the Majlis speaker, Ali Larijani, another wealthy Iranian by the name of Babak Zanjani has come under limelight in Islamic Republic's endemic factional corruption saga. Babak Zanjani, who is said to have a Danish passport too has become a multi-billionaire in just under five years. He is involved in everything, buying and selling oil, football club, airline and all the usual lucrative deals. He is seen in the picture above in his private jet with the gun wielding head of the Baseej in Al-Hadi Mosque.

Babak Zanjani is not shy to be pictured with guns himself neither. See pictures below. This is how he describes himself however: "I am a businessman looking after the interests of my country and I work under the banner of our Supreme Leader. If necessary, I will sacrifice all my companies, and myself included, for the country"

Babak Zanjani is listed in the sanctions, but the Left in the West seem to think sanctions are only hurting the poor in Iran :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing to everyone's attention who these people are and who they work for. Keep up the great work, and thanks for being a voice for the oppressed.

Waybec said...

And these are the kind of corrupt thugs allowed to florish totally divorced by the inflcted hardships from both Khamenei and Ahmadinejad... Now the knives are out for each other, both camps don't argue for the good of the people, they argue purely for the sake of protecting their own positions if not their future liberties! We have King oppressor and black shirt Khamenei only recently giving a speech to his bored looking theocratic Gestapo. And King Coward Ahmadinejad of course, who used - abused - enforced and always turned a blind eye to such Police State villiany and injustices! Now he keeps threatening: 'I'll tell, I'll tell." Undoubtedly he has a ton of evidence to both damn and doom the Regime, and yet does he tell it now as ammunciation for the good of the people? No, he merely gloats on it's potential as some blackmailing time bomb to protect his own worthless back and bunch of cronies once out of office! I tell yer - if ever there was a crowd who deserved to be hung, than this appalling black stain on Iran's history should be drawn and quartered with it! But listen out! The next revolution is definately coming!