Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mohamad Reza Aref, Before and After the 1979 Revolution

Picture of Mohamad Reza Aref on the left, in 1976 while studying in US on a scholarship from the Pahlavi foundation and the same Mohamad Reza Aref, running as a reformist presidential candidate this year.

What the Morality Police would do with Mohamad Reza Aref, if he caught him today, walking in the streets, with that long hair and those tight trousers!

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Waybec said...

He's obviously the sell out token puppet Reformist, Khamenei has cynically installed for face-saving sake. Subsequently he has no chance of winning this sham election with the ballot box already stuffed and rigged to favour the best smug thug to protect black buzzard Khamenei from the ire of the people. Now if the people say why was Reza Aref not elected? All the Regime has to do is show the photo and info you produced. See - The Regime's got it all carefully crafted out! Once again thinking the people stupid by constantly insulting their intelligence! With Assad' s army now crumbling due to Iranian Regime backed Nasrallah having to send in more of his thug Hezbllah forces. Now OF COURSE killing other Muslims to justify his Resistance cry against Jews - Dehhhh? Yeah right!!! Surely the time must be looming for another Iranian Revolution? Neither Khamenei, Assad or Nasrallh would survive now if the Iranian peple uprose! It would be one front too many. So why just sit there and let these tyrant cowards who just reside in the Big Brother mafioso palaces get away with it! Azardi Irani and Syria!